The Darling wakes up in a new management company

The owners of the Darling Hotel had little experience in hospitality. So the plan was still to hire a management company similar to Charlestowne Hotels. The Darling is owned by Courthouse Square Ventures, a limited liability company made up of Bob Ainley, Matt Ainley, and the Mouw, Robertson and Largoza families.

Additionally, the partnership with Charlestowne Hotels creates more opportunities for employees. Seaward said employees can transfer to any of the 50 properties managed by Charlestowne Hotels. Additionally, in the event of a staff shortage, Charlestowne Hotels may send someone to assist the Darling Hotel, according to Seaward.

Charlestowne Hotels seeks to address both the “emotional and practical” aspects of hotel management, according to their portfolio. The company focuses on budget planning, reputation management and prioritizing customer experiences. They specialize in lifestyle, brand, soft-brand and condo properties, ranging from well-known hotels such as the Holiday Inn, to boutique-style hotels in rural California, such as the Darling.

“We never tire of the excitement that comes with meeting new owners and supporting them as they evolve the vision for their properties,” Kyle Hughey, general manager of Charlestowne Hotels, said in a statement. “The Darling’s historical ties and architecture take guests back to California’s Art Deco period.”

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