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Rebecca and Megan Lovell are the multifaceted musicians of the duo Larkin Poe. Their style is soulful, gritty and rooted in Southern heritage. Originally from Atlanta and now based in Nashville, the Lovell sisters are descendants of literary genius Edgar Allen Poe. Larkin Poe’s new album “Blood Harmony” has just been released on Tricki-Woo Records, and the sisters joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes via Zoom to share more about it.

Interview Highlights:

Bringing classical discipline to a passion for Americana music:

“We started playing the classical violin when we were children. This was our first introduction to learning the language of music. So we took Suzuki lessons in violin and later piano, but we were introduced to roots music in our early teens, and that’s when our real passion for music began. And we were so inspired by the idea of ​​improvising and being able to write our own songs,” Megan said. “We gave up our classical lessons and started playing roots all the time. We grew up listening to a lot of classic rock and southern rock, so we wanted to work on that side of ourselves as well.

Reflections on a family deeply woven by music:

“I feel like our brotherhood is a two-way street,” Rebecca said. “The fact that we have so many shared experiences at this point in our lives – we’re both in our thirties now and we’ve been making music together for about 15 years – and obviously growing up together gives us a real innate understanding of each other. of others as individuals, both personally and musically… We’re able to have a lot of non-verbal communication when we play, we can look at each other and just catch a wave, which I think is really magical. She added: “But I think it took a lot of extra work on our family bond to make sure our relationship stays healthy.”

“Some of our earliest memories in music come from our mother. She drove us to our lessons, and she also sang harmonies with her siblings, and so she taught us how to sing harmonies. So we would be sitting at the piano and she would teach us to sing, and that’s really invaluable to us,” Megan recalled. “There’s a feeling that sibling harmonies run in the blood, and there’s no such thing as being able to sing with his family. So we wanted that to be well represented in the title track of the new album because singing together and playing together as siblings is really important. So ‘Blood Harmony’ seemed like a very good name for this album.

Singing on a bittersweet move in “Georgia Off My Mind:”

“We were born in Knoxville, but when we were toddlers our parents moved us to Georgia, and so naturally we identify as Georgia peaches,” Rebecca said. “About seven years ago…we made the decision to move back to Music City, Tennessee, and it was a very emotional decision to cross that line…It was a transitional season. That was, you know, one foot in the past, one foot in the future. And I think just being aware of that emotional transition really inspired me to write a song dedicated to the story of the leap of faith that we can all experience in different ways, and then naturally, just being able to scream Georgia and Coca-Cola and all the good things we identify with growing up in Georgia. It feels good. It feels good.

Larkin Poe’s new album ‘Blood Harmony’ is out now and available for purchase and streaming at

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