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‘Classical Gala 2022’ held at Holy Cross Auditorium, Dimapur on October 14th. (Courtesy of Mireuyi Herie)

‘Classic Gala 2022’ in the cultural hall of the capital, Kohima today

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Dimapur | October 15

To the delight and contentment of Nagaland classical music lovers, the first show of ‘Classical Gala 2022’ was staged at Holy Cross Auditorium, Dimapur on October 14th. An assembly of performers presented “MASS in G” by Franz Schubert, works by Gustav Holst, Elaine Hagenberg, Jake Runestad, Karl Jenkins, Astor Piazzolla and many others.

The gala defeated its attempt to harmonize major Nagaland classical bands such as Nagaland String Orchestra (NSO), Margaret Shishak School of Music Singers (MSSM) and Nagaland Chamber Choir (TNCC).

Earlier, the organizers informed that the ‘Classic Gala 2022’ was conceptualized with the aspiration of demonstrating the joy of lifelong learning and sharing a greater variety of western classical music, enabling people to experience the power and beauty of large ensemble music and to encourage its growth in Nagaland.

The gala also aims to educate and raise awareness of classical choral and orchestral music and promote it to higher and wider audiences.

‘Dimapur needs a good performance hall’
After the Friday night show, a social media post floated with applause for the performances. “Music is one of Nagaland’s last saving graces… They will perform at the impressive Capital Cultural Hall in Kohima on October 16th. Don’t miss it,” one audience posted on Facebook. “The only downside to the event (through no fault of the great performers or generous hosts) was the venue. All those in favor of the proposition that Dimapur needs a good cultural hall raise their hands and say ‘AYE ‘” he wrote.

“Yes, we desperately need a good performance hall in Dimapur. It’s so frustrating for us classical musicians because we never get the right sound. We get so distracted by feedback and bad sound that it affects our performance,” replied Joey Woch (lead violinist).

“As a classical musician, our performance depends so much on the hall because the hall becomes part of our instrument and it’s so disappointing that we couldn’t get that here. I hope and pray that we can attend and play in a good acoustic room before we die! he quoted.

The ‘Classical Gala 2022’ will be held at Capital Cultural Hall, Kohima from 6:00 p.m. on October 16 (Sunday).

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