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The Kurdish people are one of the oldest sects in the Middle East and in the world. These are the peoples from whom the first human civilizations emerged on their land. However, these ancient peoples have not enjoyed their legitimate rights according to United Nations constitutions and norms or even religious norms since the elimination of the Mediyya civilization (728-550 BC). which laid down the organizational, administrative, political and military foundations, as well as the official titles, the organization of the state administration and the military terminology, and whenever the Kurdish people strove to realize their rights, they was subjected to campaigns of extermination and melting down, with dozens of irrefutable proofs.

In modern times, all the uprisings led by the Kurdish people for their freedom and the enjoyment of their legitimate rights have been suppressed, and the colonial powers, mainly the Turkish occupying state, have tried to eliminate them by plotting plots and military campaigns against them, beginning with Mahmoud al-Barzanji’s first uprising in Southern Kurdistan. (1919-1922), the uprising of Samco Aga Shakaki in Rojhilat (1918-1922), until the uprising of Kojakri in Bakur Kurdistan (1921), passing by the uprising of Sheikh Saeed (1925) and the uprising of Dirsem ( 1937-1938).

All Kurdish uprisings were suppressed by eliminating the leaders of the uprising, so the Turkish occupying state sought to eliminate the Kurdistan liberation movement by eliminating the leader Abdullah Ocalan with an international plot, the first of which was conducted on October 9, 1998, which was submitted to Syria just before the coup in Turkey in 1980.

Following the announcement of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) led by leader Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan in 1978, the Turkish state attempted to eliminate the PKK and its leadership by all means. So, leader Abdullah Ocalan came out of Turkey to Rojava in 1979, and a year later there was a military coup in Turkey. On September 12, 1980, under the leadership of Turkish General Kanaan Everen, with the aim of foiling and defeating revolutionary movements, in which all government centers and institutions were turned into prisons, a campaign of arrests and kidnappings of freedom fighters and democratic activists was launched. by the Turkish authorities, most of them were PKK leaders and supporters, and dozens of PKK leaders, such as Mazloum Duggan, Mohammed Khairy Darmush, Kamal Bir, Akaf Yilmaz, Ali Jijek, Muzaffar Ayata and Mustafa Soo, were arrested by the Turkish authorities.

In March 1981, executives and leaders of the PKK began a hunger strike against the regime of severity and torture in Amed prison, and several executives of the PKK cited under torture.

So Chief Mazloum Dogan said about the level of torture and the psychological warfare system on people held in Amed prison: “Why can’t anyone be a light against this darkness? I will be a light against the darkness”.

On March 20, 1982, on the eve of Newroz, he courageously sacrificed and martyred himself under the slogan “Resistance is life, surrender is death”.

Following the resistance from Amed Prison and the launch of the August 15, 1984 movement, Chief Ocalan developed the struggle within the concept and philosophy of revolutionary people’s war. Chief Abdullah Ocalan explained: “During the period from 1987 to my departure from Syria on October 9, 1998, I myself prepared uninterrupted and arduous campaigns on the ground; in order to empty of its content the opportunism that was imposed on us and to paralyze the organization of Konter Guerrilla and JITEM”.

“These tireless efforts could not have been won on their own, but they were able to cripple the disadvantages of opportunism and Konter Guerrilla’s plans in our liquidation, and empty them of them. This is what happened. actually happened when we arrived in late 1998.”

Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s position in the Middle East helped meet the demands of revolutionary people’s war, creating an enabling and conducive environment for this war, closing the door to the imposition of dictates and concessions. Chief Ocalan emphasizes in this regard: “It was a very important strategic situation, where the conditions were the most appropriate in terms of escalating people’s war, both in terms of concluding strategic relations and in terms of securing and providing tactical support in the area of ​​training and logistical needs in particular.

The Turkish state failed to eliminate the PKK, so it resorted to modernist capitalist states. In 1988, an exercise was held in the United States of America under the name “Suppression of the Eastern Turkish Uprising by the Turkish Army and the US Army”, the main objective being to eliminate the PKK.

Chief Ocalan left Syria after being threatened by Turkey with the direct support of America and NATO countries of a war against Syria “Syria finally gave in to Turkish pressure and the chief Abdullah Ocalan left on October 9, 1998, and Israel’s Mossad intelligence was monitoring the commander’s movements in Syria,” leader Abdullah Ocalan traveled first to Moscow, then to Rome, from Greece and then to Kenya. During this period, America warned Russia and all European countries not to grant shelter and asylum to leader Abdullah Ocalan, and leader Abdullah Ocalan stresses: “My departure from Syria is linked to the operation carried out by NATO’s Gladio network.

Turkish Occupation Army Chief of Staff Ilker Bashbug said, “The United States effectively delivered Ocalan to Turkey with a view to neutralizing it and gaining control of the party.

The main reason for the arrest of leader Abdullah Ocalan is to derail the peace process he initiated on the one hand, and on the other hand to eliminate any democratic thought in the region and in the Middle East. The most important thing is to eliminate the philosophy of people’s revolutionary war. Chief Abdullah Ocalan points out that the main and obvious reason for this period is: “Both Israel and America were not adamantly peaceful and political at the time. In other words, until my arrest, they watched so fiercely the continuation of infertility, “even on a low level.”

The international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan is a conspiracy targeting the entire Middle East. This is the beginning of Western intervention led by the United States of America in the Middle East after World War II under the pretext of bringing democracy After the arrest of leader Abdullah Ocalan, America invaded the Iraq in 2003 and has established military bases in many parts of the Middle East. Syria was forced to relinquish the Sandjak of Alexandretta to Turkey in 2004, reaching the wave of the so-called Arab Spring in 2010.

Chief Abdullah Ocalan was detained but continued his struggle in Imrali prison. He emptied the international conspiracy of its content by introducing the concept of a democratic nation, developing the concept of a revolutionary people’s war which has now reached its peak in all of Kurdistan, particularly in Rojava, NE, Syria. Thousands of intellectuals, researchers and scholars in the Middle East and around the world have embraced the ideas and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The international conspiracy against Chief Ocalan continues to this day and is renewed in various ways and methods. On October 9, 2019, the Turkish occupation state launched an occupation attack against the regions of Girê Spi and Serêkaniyê, and on October 9, 2020, an agreement was reached between the al-Kazemi government and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan of In order to thwart the experiment of the autonomous administration of Şengal, the isolation of the chief “APO” Ocalan intensified, and the Turkish occupation state intensified its attacks against Kurdistan of the south, using all kinds of modern and internationally banned weapons, in the midst of international silence, and this is proof that the countries of capitalist hegemony, led by America and Israel, do not want to stop the war in the Middle East.

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