People Who Studied Useless Majors Share What They’re Doing Now


“I majored in global communications/journalism. I transferred from a community college in my hometown in Florida to a four-year school in the Northeast in 2005 – the first year of print journalism’s death knell. Job prospects were so bad, my journalism professor urged us to consider changing majors. I’m not schmoozer enough for public relations, so I stayed. First job in 2009 after graduation involved writing online articles for an SEO company. The salary was so low that an employee in Washington had to interrupt the orientation to tell HR that she was earning below the minimum wage in her state.”

“Now I write for an online medical newswire – although much of my job is just data entry. It’s been 11 years now with no advancement (but no more responsibilities) and raises modest and irregular pay Last month I got a 1.3% raise, well below the average COLA (cost of living adjustment) raise of about 3% – earns me an extra $20 a week It’s infuriating because working remotely adds an hour or more of extra work to my day, I’ve been doing it since March 2020, and the only other increase I got in that time was based on my ability to return safe at my news pace (the city courthouse, not my company’s office), which didn’t happen.

So no, I don’t really like it. I wish more than anything that instead of going to college, I had focused on a more sensible job training. I don’t need a degree to earn such a modest salary and do a job that makes little sense to me.”

—41, United States

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