A woman’s place is in the brewery

Reject the stereotype of the bearded brewer. It is women, not men, who have brewed beer throughout most of human history. Their role as family and village brewer spanned hundreds of thousands of years – through the early days of Mesopotamian civilization, the reign of Cleopatra, the witch trials of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and the colonization of Europe. Colonial America.

As proof, we point out to you A Woman’s Place is in the Brewery: A Forgotten History of Alewife, Brewer, Witch and CEO. This book by fantastic beer scribe Tara Nurin came out last year, and as we enter autumn (and the book’s first anniversary), it was time to re-hype it.

“Tara Nurin has written one of the most groundbreaking and, indeed, necessary beer books of decades. highly recommend this read to anyone serious, or even just curious, about beer,” says Tom Acitelli, author of The Audacity of Hops.

Coming at a time when women are speaking out about their stories of sexism, racism and sexual harassment in the industry, this book celebrates the contributions and influence of women brewers and explores the political, economic and religious forces that have erased them. of the brewing world. Nurin digs deep to give voice to the secret brewing stories of history.

“The adventure you are about to embark on will open your eyes to the forgotten history of women and their role in history’s greatest civilizing event: beer,” says Teri Fahrendorf, Founder of Pink Boots. Society.

The book features interviews, quotes and endorsements from beer luminaries like Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada) and Kim Jordan (New Belgium), and tackles hot topics like white vs. black feminism, traditional witchcraft and modern day, DE&I strategies and the myth of the European white brewer.

Tara Nurin is the beer and spirits contributor to Forbes and a Beer 101 Adjunct Instructor at Wilmington University. The former major market TV reporter was the Libations columnist for New Jersey Monthlythe columnist of women in beer for Ale Street News, and the co-host of What’s on the tap weekly TV show about beer. His work has been published in more than fifty newspapers, magazines and digital platforms such as Food + Wine, USA todayand Passionate about wine.

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