Time passes, then Devarshi Gorbachev was now the Putin of Mahadasha, Boris, Xi and Narendra Modi!

Time passes but the man remains motionless. He clings to his inertia, his indifference, his madness and his delusions. This truth is before the world today. Everywhere, the earth is ruining people’s lives because of climate change. From the earth there is a Mahadasha of misfortune for mankind. It seemed that in the 20th century, time was beginning to tell that the land was on the way to ruin. Man must therefore change. The old way must be abandoned. The people of the world become villages. Breaking the borders of countries. The different streams of religion, civilization, culture, ideas that have been created must cease. Mankind should think with one thought, one thought that how to save the earth? The peoples of the world make decisions together, as a whole. Save the climate, the environment. Be happy and move on. It was then that time created this knowledge-science, this intelligence that the world really began to become a village. Globalization has begun.

At this time, a human god was born. Mikhail Gorbachev became the overlord of the Soviet Union. And this great man became the free and fearless people of the land who had lived in the suffocation of Tsarist and Communist redemption for centuries. These people did not know the meaning of freedom in the Slavic mortification of fear. But Gorbachev was this great man whose resolution was not to put people in prison. I will not throw tanks at those countries, those people who had been led by their predecessors Stalin and dictatorial rulers to create an empire called the Soviet Union. Gorbachev revolts. Gorbachev and his wife were placed under house arrest by a gang of eight senior army officers who considered this empire their pride, the KGB police intelligence agency and the military-network-industrial superpower fabric. Pointing a gun at him, he wanted to sign the declaration of emergency and the order to wrest freedom from the people. But Gorbachev was not afraid. Said in front of the gun – I don’t sign, if you want to kill, then kill.

As a result, this gang’s Sainik-KGB revolution failed. The dictatorship of the Soviet Union has ended. Fifteen different countries have been formed from it. Russia is also one of these fifteen countries. Not only that, eight Eastern Bloc countries, including East Germany, Hungary and Poland, became independent. East and West Germany unified. Means that a sudden gust of new, fresh, free air entered the lives of some thirty-five million people. One more fact. Gorbachev initiated a disarmament agreement between the superpowers. Nuclear weapons eliminated and reduced. The Cold War has ended. The world suddenly started running towards peace and happiness. Broken borders. People started moving around in human form all over Europe, with or without a visa. Globalization has begun.

This is when I believe and believe that Gorbachev is one of those rare great deities in human history, thanks to whom millions of human beings came out of the animal identity of the fences named countries and began to live in dignity as a man of the earth, of the world a village To become more.

Wasn’t this a testimony to the passage of time? Gorbachev’s leadership changed the nature of the earth and its human beings. In Europe, Western civilization, a chapter of mutual cooperation, global opening up has begun, leading many prophets to believe that now the end of history. Now means war, liberation from the horrors of the Great War. I believe that in the twenty-five years from 1995 to 2020, China and Russia have benefited the most from this happiness. If the countries of Europe and Germany did not buy gas and oil by building gas pipelines in the trust of relations with Russia and China, then where would Russia and China be today?

That era was great. This era led the world to leaders like Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, PV Narasimha Rao, Deng Xiao Ping and then Jiang Zemin, and pushed the earth and its six billion people into one village, one world. Perhaps because the earth itself was becoming unable to withstand the misdeeds of man for three hundred years. Climate change had begun to threaten a hole in the sky.

I believe and believe that time has fulfilled its duty to make human beings more and more aware and intelligent. Only then does man enter space with intelligence, knowledge-science and his discovered truth. The mighty Brahmins of the world and the experts of wisdom and power of truth have started imparting this divine knowledge to human beings, through which the road map of Mars has been established in the future. Like what the world is a village and globalization was and is the natural development of humanity. Humans collectively solve the cataclysm crisis on Earth, and if necessary, they settle on another planet, the name of the launching pad for this mission is globalization.

But bad luck! Time has turned. Mahadasha strikes the horoscope on earth. Consequently, everywhere there is a loss of intellect of the public mind. Muslims returned to medieval times. Hindus started living during the cow dung period of Kali Yuga. The Chinese began to breathe during the Han period. Ethnic Chinese and Slavic Russians laid the roadmap for medieval imperial expansion, whose hunger was endless and stubbornly exploited human beings, domesticated and devout people. So, Christian Westerners are in the guise of Donald Trump and the foolish nationalists of many countries like him. The suicidal and divisive thoughts of white supremacy and making America great again.

Boris Johnson, a like-minded hero, is stepping down as Prime Minister of Britain today. I regard Boris Johnson as the villain of rising Western civilization because Boris’ false propaganda has misguided the people of the world’s capital by kicking Britain out of the European Union and leading the country down a path of disorientation and destruction. The result is ahead. Britain is a country in constant deterioration. Its economy has dropped to sixth place. As a result, there was talk of becoming India’s fifth-largest digital economy.

Hindus rejoice in the pride of being the Vishwa Guru of India, the fifth Kuber in the world. They don’t even understand that if the economy of 140 million people has outgrown the UK economy of seventy-five million people, then by giving their population share of its size, they also understand that how many ‘Indians per capita have. East.

Just as Donald Trump spoiled America, Boris Johnson made Britain light, prankish and clownish. On the other hand, Putin made Russians live without fear and without freedom before Gorbachev. Putin’s sympathetic President Xi Jinping has not only turned the Chinese people away from Deng Xiaoping’s mercantile vision, but also into the imperialist thought of the Han civilization, that the whole country flies over the world like a wild dragon in the heat of the fire. domination, frightens him.

Now the number is coming, population number two, what has become of India and what is becoming of Lord Narendra Modi of the crowd of 140 crore people?…. At the same time, which was the ancient period of the Kaliyuga of the Hindus, it was the medieval period, with your own hands, with your own razors, with axes, cut all the inserts one by one. For the Hindus sitting on their stubble to say to the world – We are Vishwa Gurus!

Think, on this Mahadasha of the world!

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