5 Best New Furniture (And How To Get Them)

The high island Chapter for elder scrolls online takes players to the remote and relatively unknown archipelago of Systres to explore a civilization centered on Brittany and its European-inspired setting. The Chapter’s new furniture reflects this new, yet familiar, seaside location. However, not all furniture is created equal, and some of these new high island the furniture stands out much more than the others.

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Furnishings like the High Isle Crab or Blue Fang Shark look like they were fished from Gonfalon Bay, while the Sea Elf Galleon Helm is the perfect centerpiece for a naval or ocean themed area in your gamer house. There’s a lot of new furniture for elder scrolls online collectible players, though some can only be bought outright or crafted from rare recipes.

Gonfalon Colosse Painting, Wood

There are lots of new paintings for players to collect in the high island Chapter, but none as iconic as Gonfalon’s Tableau du Colossus. This furniture represents the Colossus of Gonfalon before its disappearance during the events of the high island Chapter, and is large enough to fill the space on all but the largest wall.

The Gonfalon Colossus paint, wood furnishings can be purchased directly or included with a house. From the housing editor (F5 in a player house), players can purchase this painting individually for 490 crowns, but by purchasing the Highhallow Hold player house in its furnished state, the painting is included with a variety of colors. ‘others high island decor.

High Isle crab, steamed

Food-based furniture is not new to elder scrolls online, but steamed crabs certainly are. While players can’t actually eat this succulent-looking crustacean, it can be used as decoration in the nautical areas of your home. It’s worth mentioning that it also comes in a larger edition called High Isle Crab, Steamed Pile – perhaps more suited to the deck of a boat than a home in Tamriel.

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The High Isle Crab, Steamed Furniture can be purchased from the housing editor’s store for 45 crowns or crafted. To craft a High Isle Crab, Steamed, first learn the supply recipe from Design: High Isle Crab, Steamed. Next, gather 7 decorative waxes, 6 alchemical resins, 3 Bervez juices and a Stendarr stamp as materials. Finally, make sure you have Solvent Mastery at Rank 3 and Recipe Enhancement at Rank 4.

Blue shark, mounted

The Blue Fang Shark, Mounted Furniture is just as perfect for an oceanside castle as it is for a shoreline cottage. There are plenty of player houses that make this Blue Fang Shark look right at home mounted on the wall, but it’s such unique furnishings that it looks great no matter where your home is. player house.

To get a Blue Fang Shark, Mounted Furniture, go to the Crown Store. However, it cannot be bought for crowns. Instead, players must either spend 40 Gem Crowns, earned by dismantling items from crates, or 2000 Effort Seals. Look for it under the Epic Rewards tab in the Crown Crates section.

Sea Elf Galleon Helm

The Sea Elf Galleon Helm is an ornate and beautiful centerpiece. It appears to be the ancient rudder, or steering wheel, of an ancient galleon, now decorated with skulls and tentacles twisting through the eye sockets and spokes of the rudder itself. It’s beautiful to look at, but it’s not easy to get and takes up a lot of space.

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The Sea Elf Galleon Helmet is obtained after completing the Leader: Sea Elf Galleon Helmet, which can be found in Dreadsail Reef from any enemy throughout the trial. After completing the lead and digging up the Antiquity, players can purchase the furniture itself from the Gonfalon Bay Achievement Vendor for 75,000 gold.

The new tribute trophies

  • Tribute Trophy, Orichalque
  • Tribute Trophy, Ebony
  • Tribute Trophy, Quicksilver
  • Tribute Trophy, Voidsteel
  • Tribute Trophy, Rubedite

The new Tales of Tribute minigame features a progression system for both competitive play and in the Roister’s Club, which functions as the central group for all things Tales of Tribute https://gamerant.com/elder-scrolls -online-tales-of-tribute -complete-card-game-beginners-guide/. As they progress through the ranks of the Roister’s Club, players earn different versions of the Tribute Trophy furnishings. Each rank of the Tribute Trophy sees the center piece of the trophy rise higher and higher from the ground, though the furnishings are quite small overall no matter which one you earn.

The lowest level version is earned for reaching Orichalcum Rank, the lowest rank in Roister’s Club. The highest version is awarded for reaching Rubedite rank, the highest club rank of the Roister. These go well with all of the new Tales of Tribute furniture that can only be earned through daily Tales of Tribute quests or through unique crafting recipes found in these reward chests.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Series X|S

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