Kerry Washington helps 2 actors on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Actress Kerry Washington recently hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and just seconds after delivering the show’s opening monologue, changed the lives of two other actors.

“Acting is one of those jobs that seems very glamorous,” the ‘Scandal’ star began. “Sometimes it is, but in reality it can also be very difficult.”

She then shared some of her own acting journey. “When I started I had to supplement my income by being a substitute teacher, yoga teacher, hostess at a restaurant… so it meant a lot to me the first time I qualified for that sweet health insurance from the Screen Actor’s Guild.”

The Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) is the main union for professional actors. Its primary function is to establish fair payment contracts and provide benefits (such as health insurance) to television and film performers, as well as radio personalities, voiceovers, dancers, and stunt performers. …almost everyone who works in the entertainment industry. industry.

In August 2020, SAG increased its premiums and health insurance eligibility. The change came into effect during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many productions had halted filming. With stricter eligibility requirements and fewer job opportunities, many actors — at least 10% of SAG’s 33,000 members, according to The Hollywood Reporter — have lost their old health plans.

Losing health insurance is never a good thing. But losing it during a global pandemic is devastating. This is what makes Washington’s act of kindness so important.

Calling out two “very deserving and talented individuals” on stage, Washington explained that the two actors (seemingly chosen at random) just had to say a line, any line, and they would keep their cover.

Daniel William Jordan, who went the extra mile by dressing like a letter carrier, was just over $400 short of qualifying for insurance. Madeline McCuskey, on the other hand, only needed $40. Since SAG’s normal daily rate for a television episode is just over $1,000, both actors would become eligible to say literally anything on the show.

People in the YouTube comments section were shocked to find the cover could be lost so easily

“It’s insane that someone could miss $40 to qualify for health care,” one person noted.

Another actor added, “I’ve been in this position myself, missing $95 of coverage last quarter. Congratulations to the show and to these actors!

Jordan and McCuskey were covered in colorful confetti and left the stage knowing they would have one less thing to worry about.

You can watch the full video below.

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