How a “Hypersensitive Character” Dictates Luca Schenardi’s Psychedelia-Infused Digital Drawings

Developing such a unique style – unlike anything we’ve seen here at It’s Nice That – is the result of Luca’s persistent shift in medium. A graduate in illustration 20 years ago, Luca oscillated for a long time between contemporary art and illustration, even making a move to “trash” sculpture. This period saw much experimentation, and while three years ago Luca retired from freelance art, devoting himself instead to commissioned illustration and digital drawings, elements of his former medium. – particularly the abstract nature of modern art – are always palpable throughout his work. . But, overall, a “very conscious and happy decision”, Luca sees himself as completely dedicated to his new medium, channeling his need for exploration into quite unique ways of practicing; like choosing to use a computer mouse as your tool of choice over the more commonly used tablet method and working exclusively with Photoshop – “my third and fourth hand, ha!”.

While working, Luca listens almost “constantly” to music, so it seems fitting that some of his biggest commissions come from the industry. A personal favorite is his series of vinyl records for New York-based music label Patiencelmpatience. Working with them since 2017, Luca’s has now totaled an impressive nine LP covers for them: “Besides the label’s excellent global network – which has led to various other collaborations – there are artists coming out that match my tastes very well. music and expand my own musical universe,” shares the illustrator. But Luca is also keen to nurture ties with smaller, lesser-known names and press titles that he’s passionate about, because overall, “the most important for me is a pleasant and respectful collaboration with the artistic direction”.

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