Sandhya likes to dance


Dancer Sandhya Saith has been performing since the age of five. -ROGER JACOB

Indian classical dance is not the easiest dance to perform and it takes hours and hours of practice to perfect.

But Sandhya Saith has defied odds and has been dancing in concerts since the age of five.

Sandhya, now eight years old, started dancing following her mother’s movements. Her mother is also an Indian classical dancer.

Sandhya Saith’s dance teacher, guru Alana Rajah of Adavallan Art Academy shows her how to perfect a dance move. -ROGER JACOB

The young dancer says she likes to dress up in the different costumes.

After becoming interested in dance, her mother, Roshni Saith, sent her to practice at Adavallan Art Academy with guru Alana Rajah who offers virtual Indian classical dance lessons.

She told Newsday Kids she was learning even more dance routines.

“I am currently learning Bharatanatyam which is one of the many styles of classical Indian dance.”

But her favorite dance routine is the Korvai Adavus because she learned a lot of moves while learning.

She said Korvai Adavus are short dance sequences made up of basic steps learned in the early years of dancing.

Sandhya’s mum added that performing on stage only happens after years of practice. But for this pupil of the Curepe Presbyterian School, it only took a year of practice.

Sandhya Saith’s dance teacher, guru Alana Rajah of Adavallan Art Academy shows her how to perfect a dance move. -ROGER JACOB

After her freshman year, she had the opportunity to perform on stage for Advallan Art Academy’s show, The Inner Child, in 2019. Sandhya has yet to compete in dance competitions and is excited to do so. TO DO.

She recalled a valuable lesson that stuck with her after her first show.

“I remember the musicians skipping a beat and I could fall into the next move. It made me realize that listening to your teacher is so important, along with practice and hard work.”

She encourages other children who would like to do classical Indian dance and gives some advice.

“Dancing is great fun. Be sure to listen to your teacher and remember that practice makes perfect.”

Eight-year-old Sandhya Saith is learning the classical Indian dance form Bharatanatyam. -ROGER JACOB

Besides dancing, Sandhya spends her time learning science and math which are her favorite subjects. She said she enjoys the challenges that come with them.

She said she also loves science because of the many “cool things” she learns, like how everything around it works.

Sandhya strives to become a doctor or a scientist, but the one who will dance forever.

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