UM Stephens College of Business Computer Science Program Changes Its Name to Data Analytics

Stephens College of Business at the University of Montevallo has changed the name of its computer science program to data analytics program.

Dr Amiee Mellon, acting dean of Stephens College of Business, said the change was made to more accurately reflect the program’s curriculum.

Dr. Milad Jasemi, assistant professor of data analytics, and Dr. Shafqat Ali Shad, assistant professor of data analytics and cybersecurity, said the name computer science informatics does not give students an accurate idea of ​​what what is the program.

“With computing, the word itself is too complex for people to understand,” Shad said. “So the main purpose of changing that is to help them understand what the major is all about.”

“The computer science major offers something similar in a data science program, which is more in-depth computer science. When people hear about IT, this is often what they think of. What we offer is data analytics, which is different in that it involves solving business problems using cutting-edge technology and tools in today’s market. It’s more business-centric.

Other than the name of the program, nothing else will change. The program will remain the same high quality program it has always been.

“Data analytics helps the grassroots liberal arts culture at Montevallo, where entry-level courses can be taken by a diverse community of students, regardless of major and background,” Shad said.

Mellon said the data analytics program seeks students with a problem-solving mindset who want to use “big data” strategically to solve business problems.

Possible career paths in this field include data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, business intelligence, and data strategist. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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