Popular playlists to help you study

While for some students being completely silent may be the most effective way to study, others need music to retain information. However, playing music with popular lyrics can be distracting. To help them study, it should be a quiet piece of music that doesn’t make them lose focus on what they’re reading. So, for those who need background music for studying, here are the best Spotify and Apple Music playlists.

Maximum concentration

This playlist has over 260,000 likes and is a public playlist created by Spotify. This playlist includes neoclassical piano, background piano, and traditional jazz music that will keep your brain focused on what you are reading.

Chill Lofi Study Beats on Spotify

This playlist on Spotify has over 400 songs and over 900,000 likes. It tops the reading list for its perfect 24/7 study rhythms that will boost your performance and improve your mood.

Study Vibe by Music for Dreams

The playlist includes piano and jazz music. In fact, piano music has been shown to boost your memory and help calm your anxiety. Which is perfect for calming the stress and overwhelm caused by the last weeks of the semester.

Sleepless night

These songs include electronic and deep rhythms, producing various positive effects and stimulating brain activity. The music also gives the listener a serene feeling to relax and focus on their work.

Home-School-Strumentals created by Apple Music

The playlist includes lo-fi, hip-hop, and electronic beats from KAYTRANADA, Pueblo Vista, Jeremy Talon, and more. This playlist will increase brain activity, this way you will retain information more easily.

Classic focus

The playlist for classical music lovers includes 50 songs of mostly classical piano music with artists such as Alessandro Piccinini, James Heather and Alexis Ffrench. Classical music benefits the brain and improves learning and concentration. So get ready to enjoy three hours of performance-boosting music.

Living at the library

These songs feature a mix of bass music, chillwave, downtempo, and more. This playlist is completely the same as the previous ones since it does not include classical music or piano. It will also give you the energy boost you need to keep studying and working on your homework.

astral escape

With a wide variety of 162 songs to choose from, this playlist is for those who enjoy listening to indie music. With this reading list, you will be motivated and studying will not be as boring as it seems.

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