Unboxing this year’s Met Gala theme: Gilded Glamor

The Met Gala, arguably the hottest party of the year, kicks off Monday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Celebrities slated to attend include the evening’s co-hosts; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Regina King and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Other expected guests will be present in particular Katy Perry, Megan Thee Stallion, Sydney Sweeney and Bella Hadid.

As the hottest fashion event of the year, all eyes will be on this Upper East Side red carpet. What will the stars wear? This year’s theme for the Met Costume Institute the annual fundraiser is golden glamour.

The organizers draw heavy inspiration from the Golden Age, which was from 1870 to 1900. This era was ripe with economic growth, excess and extravagant fashion. So expect fancy outfits, ball gowns and, yes, probably Bridgerton-inspired clothing.

The era is known for its silk dresses, capes, ruffled trains and an abundance of lace linings. Embroidery is bound to be a huge hit as part of this year’s theme, along with layered dresses, corsets, tea dresses and colorful paisleys that make bold fashion statements.

Golden Age women wore extravagant hats, whether headdresses with stuffed catsor velvet hats adorned with fluffy feathers.

While the Golden Age in America was an era led by industrialization, it was not an era marked by feminism. Women were considered trophies, almost statuesque in their beauty, and the fashion of the time reflected their domestic roles. Their clothes were layered and long dresses were the norm, as were three times a day outfit changes for the wealthy. Corsets fell out of fashion in the 1890s because they were often too uncomfortable and judged unhealthy, so loose dresses were popular in the early 20th century. The era is marked by the dandy, better known as the Aesthetic Dress movement, popularized by the writer Oscar Wilde.

But will the stars really wow us on the red carpet? With the 100th anniversary of the red carpet coming October 11—the first red carpet was the premiere of Robin Hood at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles in 1922, which the stars walked on as they entered the room to see the film. But now

Some fashion experts say the stars will run with the glam part of the theme, but probably not the gold part. Art and fashion history probably won’t be central to many looks, but it still could be.

As an Instagrammer @IDeserveCouture recount Dizzy“I think it’s a common story at this point that a lot of celebrities will just gloss over the theme. That’s exactly what happens at the Met – especially with Gilded Glamor because people will just hear the glamorous party and run with it, they won’t pay attention to the period.

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