Best Cinematic Comedies of the Past 15 Years

1. Hot Fuzz (2007)


Author Thomas Wolfe once said that you can’t go home. Perhaps. But you can still blow it up. This is what Edgar Wright set out to do in an emblematic way via Warm fuzz, the second and best of his legendary Cornetto trilogy and co-writer Simon Pegg. Filmed at Wright’s home in Wells in Somerset – a ‘cathedral city’ (read: village) in southern England – the filmmaker returned to old haunts to create a flamboyant actor likeness in the scripts Shane Black’s boyfriend and Michael Bay’s camera moves.

The genius of Warm fuzz, however, is that it does not start like that. It starts out as a scathing, sardonic satire of bucolic English country life and the kind of prestige BBC television that could be set up there. In other words, it’s hell on earth for big city London cop Nicolas Angel (Pegg). But as he and hapless action movie geek Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) uncover a network of murders throughout the community, their world slowly turns into the Hollywood cheesefests of Danny’s DVD collection. The final 20 minutes are a glorious crescendo of action movie cliches and heart-pounding laughs that still resonate 15 years later. – CC

Films also receive a significant number of votes in descending order: Proposal, Forget Sarah Marshall, Midnight in Paris, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, good boys, hot rod, The Lego Movie, dead Pool, Hello Caesar!, happy day of the dead, Palm Springs, It is the end, The Simpsons movie, Blockers, The good ones, Half brothers, the wolf of Wall Street, 500 days of summer, Emma., pirate radio, Lucky Logan, hair spray, Whip it, The Hangover, The big court, Swiss army man, Friends with benefits, Girls trip, The favorite, bad teacher, Don’t look up, Fanboys, The Skeleton Twins, Burn after reading, Death at funeral (2010), The trip, green paper, Juno, the end of the world, Purebred, JoJo Rabbit, Neighbors, The Disaster Artist, the other guys, The savage hunt, bride wars, Yesterday, The Muppets, Everyone wants it!!, The internship, The Lego Batman Movie, The Peanut Butter Falcon, 22 jump street, VHYoui, Restart, young adult, The art of self defense, cabin in the woods, Seven Psychopaths, Death at funeral (2007), wine country, Adventureland, To all the boys I love, MacGruber, To spy, Aliens, clowns and geeks, Looking for a friend for the end of the world, I care a lot.and Jennifer’s body.

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