Jay Ambrose: Biden can’t handle his job | Columnists

Jay Ambrose, Tribune News Service

Someone forgot to tie it to his Oval Office chair, and so President Joe Biden left for Europe to discuss the Ukrainian horror with NATO and European leaders, visit the Poland and fumble enough rhetoric to make the situation worse.

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin “can’t stay in power”, and yes, I want him gone, you probably want him gone, most of us want him gone, but he was a president who sounded like we were looking to rule Russia, not just defeat his efforts in Ukraine. He said we would react the same way if Russia were to use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, a chilling elevation of this kind of evil warfare. Talking to American troops in Poland, he indicated that they would soon go to Ukraine, which means it would be our war.

This was not the end, and you may be wondering if these confuses Moments prompted a psychotherapist to say that he “is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president”. No. These remarks were aimed at Donald Trump when he first took the presidency.

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Later, a group of 350 anti-Trump psychiatrists and other mental health experts, concerned about his “grandiosity, impulsiveness” and “hypersensitivity to slights or criticism”, raised questions about his handling of major responsibilities. He should undergo personal scrutiny, said those professionals who are not expected to make such public comments unless such scrutiny has already taken place.

These people didn’t talk about Biden that way, and it’s true that his psychological escapades are of a different nature because right-wing media groups, Brit Hume on Fox, a former White House doctor and a psychiatrist Norwegian said he had dementia. Even that goes too far, considering how we are told the word refers to the inability to function in day-to-day life.

But while the 79-year-old – the oldest to serve as president – ​​has been pals with goofs and storytelling throughout his career, he rarely exhibits the cognitive abilities we sometimes seen in the past. He starts to make a point, he slips out of his mind and his words get lost in silence. He once forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense. He confused New Hampshire and Vermont. He said he preferred truth to facts. He contradicts himself, challenges his advisers, and please understand that such mistakes are common and some of them horribly destructive.

Don’t forget Afghanistan. Under his leadership, and while he was there on the day of surrender, the Taliban took over with a push that could have been blocked. The Afghans attempted to escape by seizing flying planes and falling to their deaths. The Americans were left behind. Innocent Afghans have been murdered. Some 13 Marines have been killed and none have been killed in the previous year under Trump. Some $80 billion worth of US weapons have been left behind. Women lost their rights as terrorists gained ground and the West was weakened. The Taliban have ruined businesses and trade, foreign aid has disappeared because it supported these bullies and millions of people are starving, including children.

Imagine what could happen on topics like China, the Iran deal, climate change, the inflationary spiral, the military and taxes. Ill-chosen advisers are sometimes responsible for Biden’s worst, but sometimes try to stop him, such as in their attempt to erase his bolder words about the war in Ukraine. To have him resign would be silly, given that ridiculously the inept Vice President Kamala Harris would take his place.

The Republican Party these days is not a joy to behold, but it has the merit of not too often being the Democratic Party in cahoots with progressive lunatics trying to remake Western civilization into something less and less devoted to the best of our standards and common sense. In the midterm elections, we need Republicans to take over Congress.

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