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Olaf, from Frozen

Kirk Sanderson

Disney+ on April 27 will begin streaming the six-part original series “Sketchbook,” an educational documentary series exploring the art behind Disney’s famous animated classics.

The series, from Supper Club in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios, will give viewers an inside look at the animation process as studio artists teach them how to draw beloved Disney characters, including Kuzco from The Emperor’s New GrooveOlaf from Frozengenius of AladdinCaptain Hook’s Peter PanMirabel from Encanto and young Simba from The Lion King.

Each episode focuses on a single artist illustrating characters they either helped create or inspired to want to become an artist at the studio. The artists also shared their own stories of how they got to Disney and which character they chose.

“This series is an unprecedented look at what it takes to bring these beloved characters to life,” said Jason Sterman, director and executive producer at Supper Club. “We are honored to present this incredible group of artists who have trusted us to not only showcase their skills, but to share their personal, and often emotional, stories with the world. We look forward to audiences being inspired to , hopefully take a pencil and put it himself on paper.

“Think back to your favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, whether they’re from our early days, our 1990s revival movies, or today’s award-winning films like Encanto and Frozen — each movie starts with an idea, a pencil and an artist,” said series executive producer Amy Astley, senior vice president of publicity/communications, creative legacy and brand strategy for The Studios. animation Walt Disney. “.And among the thousands of artists who have created our 60 films over the past century, each person has a unique and special story…. With ‘Sketchbook’, our hope is to demystify the art of drawing, making it accessible to anyone who wants to pick up pencil and paper while deepening the appreciation of the people who contribute to our films.

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