University partners with CLT and offers free exam with OBU app

Oklahoma Baptist University recently partnered with the Classic Learning Test to offer prospective students the opportunity to take the CLT for free. The date for the OBU-sponsored test is May 14, 2022. Registration is now open for the test.

Interested students need only complete an application with OBU on a special application page located at Once they submit their application, they will receive an email with a code to waive the $54 CLT fee. The OBU accepts CLT scores for admission and scholarships as an alternative to other traditional exams, including the SAT or ACT. The CLT offers remote proctoring, so students can even take the test at home

The Classic Learning Test was developed as an alternative standardized college entrance exam, both steeped in tradition while taking advantage of contemporary technology and testing students on more engaging material. CLT strives to provide assessments infused with intellectually richer and more rigorous content than other standardized tests and college entrance exams.

While the CLT is open to everyone, many students from classical schools and Christian schools excel in this exam because of its compatibility with their classical curriculum. Students from these educational backgrounds thrive at OBU, where the integration of faith and learning takes place every day on campus, in classrooms, labs, discussion groups, and Moreover.

OBU offers an award-winning Christian liberal arts program, where students are challenged to think critically, analyze, synthesize, and communicate about major concepts and topics in history and academia. OBU students not only gain the skills and information needed to thrive in their careers, they also learn to perceive knowledge through a Christian worldview and formulate their thoughts and concepts through this lens.

Students from classical and Christian schools also thrive in OBU’s specialized curriculum. The Honors program offers a transformative educational experience, rooted in the Christian faith and in the tradition of the great books. In 24 hours of dynamic, discussion-driven core lessons during their first and second year, students trace the development of Western civilization. Each course is team-taught by three professors specializing in areas such as philosophy, literature, fine arts, history and theology.

Specialization courses alternate between group lectures and smaller seminars, where students read the works of the greatest intellectuals through the ages, such as Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Virgil, Augustine, Dante, Shakespeare, Locke, Jefferson , Franklin and Dostoyevsky. The Honors Experience at OBU is an ongoing conversation about how humanity can seek the good of the intellect through the contemplation of truth, beauty, justice, redemption, sanctification and eternity. Honors students also have the chance to explore the world by joining the OBU faculty on a one-month low-cost summer study abroad program, earning college credits. during the experience. Previous locations include England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France. Upcoming trips could offer future Honors students the chance to travel to China, Peru, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Greece or Italy.

High school students who wish to apply for the fee waiver for CLT should first apply to OBU at They will then receive a code by email, as well as the link to register for the CLT. The registration deadline for the May 14 exam date is May 5.

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