Mid City’s New Arcade Bar, BR.cade, Opens March 5

First Look: Mid City’s New Arcade Bar, BR.cade, Opens March 5

The Mid City Elder The Pop Shop Records location now houses a new arcade bar, where you can sip a drink while playing among its wide selection of vintage arcade games. Double BR.cadethe newest retro addition to Government Street will hold its grand opening this Saturday, March 5.

The arcade bar features around 30 games from the 1970s to the 90s. Sounds of classics like Street Fighter, Mario Bros. and Pac-Man ring loudly throughout the room. Hidden in the back is a nook full of pinball machines, like Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, to name a few.

Hanging chandeliers and bar stools are color coordinated blue and orange. Andy Warhol-esque pop art is displayed on some of the walls, giving an extra splash of bright color to the room. Many artworks, such as a mixed media photograph showing a pixelated Donkey Kong climbing atop the Louisiana State Capitol, combine iconic video game characters with iconic Baton Rouge locations.

Owners Cave Daughdrill, Casey Wells and Robert Ross have been collecting and restoring vintage arcade games for five years. After installing video games at a pop-up event at the Radio Bar, the owners knew it was time to put their collection to good use.

“It ended up being a good test bed to see people’s reaction and response,” Daughdrill says. “And it was pretty clear then that we had to do it for real.”

When restoring the machines, the owners made sure to keep each arcade game true to its roots using the same hardware from its era. Some of the video games retain the highest score recorded on the system, which was the only modification included to “promote healthy competition,” Daughdrill says.

After receiving a wristband upon entry, patrons have the option to sit at the bar, in a booth, or play arcade games while enjoying BR.cade’s signature gaming-themed drinks, like Puckman, DK Smash and Scorpion.

“We want people who have been in an arcade back in the day to feel that nostalgia,” Ross says.

The inauguration of BR.cade is this Saturday, March 5, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. city ​​pig will be catering. Regular hours will be Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Sunday from 2 p.m. to midnight. BRcade is located at 2963 Government St.

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