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Local officials in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson said on Friday that Russia was failing to keep its end of the bargain on proposed “humanitarian corridors” even as supplies of food and other essential items need were beginning to diminish in the region.

Ukrainian and Russian leaders announced on Thursday they had agreed to temporary ceasefires to support “humanitarian corridors” so that civilians can be evacuated and food and medicine can be delivered. But local Ukrainian officials in the Kherson region say the Russian military is not working with them and is instead proposing a plan to unilaterally distribute its own aid.

Regional Governor Gennady Laguta wrote on Facebook on Friday that the “occupiers” had not given the green light to send humanitarian aid to the Kherson region through the proposed corridor. Laguta said Ukrainian authorities had prepared 19 trucks, but they were not yet allowed entry. The Russians “say they will provide the humanitarian aid themselves,” Laguta wrote.

In his own Facebook post, Kherson Mayor Ihor Kolykhaev said the deal did not help the city. “Despite yesterday’s agreements at the highest level, in practice,” Kolykhaev wrote, “it all doesn’t work yet.”

“But, judging by everything, the ‘good liberators’ are preparing to bring their ‘rescue’ to Kherson. First they brought the situation to a boil, then they will heroically save us,” Kolykhaev wrote, referring to Russia.

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