The Ukrainian conflict: Wars are moving from the Middle East to Europe for the first time since World War II. A “western defense line” is being built from the Baltic to the Aegean region.

For the first time since the Second World War, Europe finds itself in such a desperate situation. It completely collapsed, both militarily and diplomatically. Moreover, under these circumstances, with its current economic capacity, it is unlikely that it can hold out much longer.

Like politics and the military, the trajectory of global trends in resources and markets is also economically contrary to Europe’s interests. Their former glory quickly stops, diminishes and even regresses. It will suffice to consider the supply crisis during the pandemic period, which proved to be very detrimental to the economies of Central Europe.

Trade corridors no longer under Western control

Regardless of their constant efforts to hide their desperation, everything was out in the open. The economic collapse of southern European countries had long since weakened confidence in the EU. However, now is the time to discuss the new maps of Europe.

The southern and northern supply lines from China to Europe have been taken over by China, Russia, Turkey and other states in the region. The West lost full sovereignty over global trade corridors for the first time since geographical discoveries and the onset of colonialism.

We can already see that the existing garrisons, military and political spheres of influence of the West will quickly lose their power.

The Karabakh war was the first step. This will continue, and they will all take shape contrary to the interests of the West.

Wars are now moving to European borders

EU enlargement and the dream of a united Europe are ancient history. The dream of a new Roman Empire spanning the Baltic and Mediterranean region can no longer even protect its own borders. Forget the big geopolitical projects, it can’t even solve its energy crisis.

If Ukraine is the first victim of the Russian-American confrontation over Ukraine, the second victim is Europe. There is no common European defence. Even if there is an effort to escape American patronage, they have nothing to replace it.

A war is brewing on European borders for the first time since World War II. The war in Ukraine is not just about Kiev. It is a crisis involving American efforts to settle in the Black Sea and Eastern efforts to cross European borders.

West’s expansion turned to defense

The collapse of Yugoslavia and the war in Bosnia were developments in favor of American and European interests. They were the results of Western expansion. (Here Bosnia, Turkey and Muslims have a different case.)

Today, this situation has reversed. For the first time, with Ukraine, a war is launched against the West, which directly threatens Europe.

The pressure comes from the East, the wind blows from the East. The West is the backslider. NATO’s expansion, ongoing since the Cold War, has been reversed.

The West is now defending itself instead of pursuing its policy of expansion. The withdrawal of the United States and Europe from Afghanistan, like those who trusted them crashing to the ground from the wings of airplanes, is the failure of the West in Central Asia.

Western defense line from the Baltic to the Aegean Sea

If the Ukrainian crisis cannot be stopped, there will be more to come. Poland, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe will be seriously threatened by Russia. These countries will become open fronts of NATO, which will eliminate the threat.

Both circumstances are synonymous with destruction for the countries concerned. It will transform them into fronts, into battlefields, into countries which will become collateral damage of East-West crises.

A vertical East-West front, a “western line of defence” is being built from the Baltic Sea to the Aegean Sea. In a sense, the eastern border of the West is being redefined.

EU countries will feel the threat deep inside

The north-south line that stretches from Poland to Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, is identified as the western border “for now”. But this border will have to quickly move further west, and this in a very short time. If they fail to stop the war in the East, the threat will reach the borders of Western Europe. The Eastern European shield will not be able to provide protection, and therefore EU countries will feel the threat deep within themselves.

Oppressed nations came back with strong demands

All the wars of the last three decades have transpired in the Middle East. They took place on the Red Sea-Central Asia line. All of these wars were started by the United States and Europe. They wanted to declare the final victory of Western civilization in the 21st century and rule the world unilaterally!

They behaved recklessly, caused such terrible destruction, sacrificing countries and nations without batting an eyelid, that a strong resistance was launched against the West. The countries they arrogantly oppressed and undermined are now beginning to rapidly escape Western influence.

This was perhaps going to be the startling reality of the 21st century. History, the map of world powers would perhaps be transformed and shaped by the uprising of countries oppressed and exploited by the West. Once great civilizations, once great nations are beginning to return with courage and their claims.

The war moves from the Middle East to the eastern border of Europe.

For the first time in the past three decades, wars are now shifting from the Middle East, from Muslim geography to the eastern frontier of Europe and the Pacific region. Russian-European conflicts are developing rapidly in Eastern Europe, while the same goes for Sino-American conflicts in the Pacific.

The only problems in the Middle East right now are in Syria and Yemen. Nevertheless, this can – and most likely will – be easily resolved during the new normalization process that Turkey has launched with regional states.

The countries of the region must not allow another war in the Middle East. They must end the Western method of exporting its own crises to our region.

Ukraine: A victim, a country without protection

The European wars have only just begun. The Ukrainian crisis is the first step. Ukraine is a slave to its region. It is a victim of the East-West conflict.

While Russian expansionism drives a country to destruction, the excessive provocation of war by the United States is an indication of Europe’s fear for the future.

It’s the idea that “the further away you get from war, the safer you are”. The West sees Ukraine as a “victim” no less than Russia.

There will be no more mercenaries.

The West continues to use border countries as “mercenaries”. They don’t care about those nations. They will never really defend them.

The rapid vacancies of American, British and Western embassies, the absence of any encouraging military support for Ukraine are an indication of this. They will use them against threats, and lead endless wars. But this method has become obsolete. The West is now having difficulty finding mercenary soldiers.

The West has attacked us in all areas

The war in Ukraine represents a Black Sea war in the case of Turkey. It’s an American attempt to settle here. Although we are within the western alliance, although we are a member of NATO, we still have to position ourselves in accordance with the trends of the world power map.

The same West attacked us in Syria. He attacked us in Iraq. He attacked us through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). He attacked us through the terrorist organization Fetullah (FETÖ). He attacked us on July 15, 2016. He established an anti-Turkish terrorist army in northern Syria.

Now he is trying to attack us by building a front of political terrorism among us. All identified threats to Turkey come from the West. All of our plans for the 21st century are opposed by the West.

Turkey will emerge from this storm bigger, stronger

The war in Ukraine also represents a European war for the West. War is knocking on Europe’s door for the first time after seven decades. It’s a new concept. Others will follow. In fact, it started when the West began to stagnate and regress.

The new world order will cause tremors that will change the situation. Shocking situations can arise. It goes beyond a world in which the United States establishes official alliances with terrorist organizations and attacks its own allies.

Turkey is preparing for an intense future. If he can overcome the inner intervention, he will come out of the storm bigger and stronger. Turkey has become a more active and efficient country than all EU countries put together.

Whatever the consequences, this march must continue in the 21st century.

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