Columbia To-Do List (January 5 – January 11): First Thursday, Archer Ave Showcase and EZ Shakes | To do list


First Thursday free

The extended hours and free entry give you ample opportunity to explore the intriguing themed gallery exhibits of the museum, including “Art and Identity”, “Modern Impulses” and “Spiritual Beings”. Unlike the usual situation, the square will not have music or drinks, but you can be sure that the many restaurants on the street will do their best to fill that void. The event is free. PAT MORAN


Archer Avenue shop window

There is something a little selfish about a live music showcase that showcases a recording studio, but there is something to be said about the power of Kenny McWilliams and the Archer Avenue company in their approach to the production of local and regional acts. From nationally recognized heights of their work with Valley Maker to the sustained regional power of emo / power-pop Ben Walker Radio (which hits the headlines tonight) to the promising possibilities inherent in Paisley and the Birdwalkers (which open and are releasing a single that night), there’s something to be said about how powerful this little studio could be. Doors at 7 p.m., coverage is $ 10. More information on KYLE PETERSEN


Focal Points: An Artist’s Epiphany at the Columbia Museum

The Columbia Museum of Art concludes the holiday season with educational Ann Holtschalg exploring medieval and Renaissance works that celebrate Christmas and the Nativity in the Focal Points series. Focal Points is a series of gallery presentations featuring a variety of topics and themes important to tour guides and CMA staff. Although the series takes place on January 5, it focuses on the Christian tradition, celebrated as the feast of Epiphany and the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem which is recognized on January 6. All AMC members enjoy free admission. More information on HALLIE HAYES


Citizen face

How excited would you be if we told you Clarence Greenwood is coming to town? Not very, right? What if we told you that’s the real name of Citizen Cope, the rock / soul / folk singer / songwriter who is behind “Let The Drummer Kick”? The man who wrote songs recorded by Santana, Sheryl Crow, Richie Havens, Dido and many more? Now maybe you are a little more interested? We thought so. Citizen Cope will perform in the Senate on January 9 at 8 p.m. ET. Tickets are $ 31 in advance and $ 37 at the door. Visit for more information. VINCENT HARRIS


EZ shakes

As they are now one of the most established bands on the local Columbia scene, it can be easy to lose sight of how special an American brain group like EZ Shakes is. Led by singer / songwriter Zach Seibert, a thoughtful and sought-after lyricist and singer with resilience to spare, the weighty accompaniment of guitarist / producer John Furr, pedal steel guitarist Todd T. Hicks, and drummer Stan Gardner is still uplifting plus Seibert’s songs, leading to performances that compare quite favorably to some of the genre’s leaders. You can see them at Art Bar on January 8, in all its privacy, for a fraction of the price of comparable artists on the national stage. More information on KYLE PETERSEN


Boozy Chaudron Tavern

The Boozy Cauldron Tavern, the legendary bar in the magical town of Dark Meadows, opens a portal to Columbia on January 7 for an evening of magical cocktails. This overnight pop-up has traveled across the country and teaches the dark art of beverage-making in an interactive experience with signature cocktails and ghost stories from Whaley House, the venue. Tickets cost $ 40 and registration times vary. More on STEPHEN PASTIS


“The jungle Book”

Freed from the imperialism that spoils his other works, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book has remained very popular. (A plethora of blockbuster movie adaptations didn’t hurt.) When the Newbury Ballet Guild presents its original version of the story of Mowgli, A Boy Raised by Wolves, it benefits from the durability of the “stories of wolves”. ‘animals’ by Kipling, which draw deeply from the well of ancient Indian fables. The show costs $ 15- $ 20 and takes place January 7-8 at the Newberry Opera House. More information on PAT MORAN


H Wade Johnson and Pride Ensemble

Experience an evening of jazz at the Chayz Lounge on January 8 while sipping cocktails – a relaxing way to end the holiday season. H Wade Johnson and Pride Ensemble will perform a variety of soul and jazzy blues, spanning artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, George Benson and The Commodores. Tickets cost $ 25 and you must be 21 or older to enter. More information at HALLIE HAYES


Terror, pain of truth

Considering the disproportionate importance of January 6 in our national psyche, attending a concert featuring aggressive hardcore bands with names like Terror and Pain of Truth seems a little more than appropriate. The Terror, based in Los Angeles, is one of the hottest bands in the hardcore beatdown subgenre, which sounds just like you’d expect (aggressive guitars, gang vocals, noticeable overall heaviness in a heavy genre. ), while Pain of Truth is the metalcore outfit of Hangmen’s Michel Smith. Along with Living in Fear, Your Spirit Dies (also probably appropriate band names). Coverage is $ 23, doors open at 6 p.m. More information on KYLE PETERSEN


Riley Green with Kameron Marlowe

Even if you don’t think you’ve heard a Riley Green song, you’ve probably heard one. The successful singer / songwriter has spent the past two years getting tracks to the country charts, even though his songs may not sound like classic country. His pop hits include “There Was This Girl”, “In Love By Now”, “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” and “If It Wasn’t For Trucks”, and he will bring that hybrid modern country sound. at the Canton Auditorium on January 6 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $ 39 to $ 55. Visit for more information. VINCENT HARRIS



NOMA Warehouse is adding a comedy show to its 2022 event lineup with COLAughs Comedy Show on January 8. Starring local comedians Allie Johns and Jenn Snyder, as well as Charleston’s Erin Lok and Mona Bender. Tickets are $ 10.50 and the Night of Laughs starts at 7:30 pm More information about the event and this Cola spot on STEPHEN PASTIS


Chamber music on Main

Korean-born pianist Jeewon Park made his debut at the age of 12, performing Chopin’s First Piano Concerto with the Korean Symphony Orchestra. Since then, she has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and has received accolades for her thoughtful and contagious acting. She joins former CMA artistic director Edward Arron for a program featuring Mendelssohn, Astor Piazzolla, Beethoven, Gershwin and Rachmaninoff. Tickets cost between $ 5 and $ 42 for the January 11 show. More information on PAT MORAN


Sugar – Charlotte’s Tribute System

Fan of System of a Down and Pantera groups? You won’t want to miss this! On January 8, the Senate will present Sugar – Charlotte’s System of a Down Tribute with the Strength Beyond Strength Act of Support – to Pantera Tribute. Performing all of the best hits from the band will make you feel like you’re experiencing the real thing. Tickets are $ 15 in advance and $ 18 at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m. More information on HALLIE HAYES

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