One of the most beautiful palaces in the world is in Brussels

The most beautiful city in the world, Brussels, is also home to one of the most beautiful (and grandiose) palaces in the world.

The Grand-Place in Brussels, which has been talked about since the 12th century and which includes buildings representative of local and ducal communities and former private mansions, revolves around a city center with a rectangular paved plan. It is an architectural gem that serves as an exceptional and extremely successful model of an unusual blend of artistic and architectural forms of Western civilization, demonstrating the dynamism of this important political and corporate center.

The square has retained its form, cohesion, and fundamentally Gothic and Renaissance characteristics over the years. It is one of the most picturesque monuments in the world and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. The Grand-Place bears witness to the prosperity of Brussels, a commercial city in northern Europe which, at the top of its wealth, survived a severe attack by Louis XIV’s army in 1695. Today, the Grand-Place is a devout representation of the city center, devastated by French artillery.

And it testifies to the aspirations of strength and honor of the Brussels bourgeoisie, which has chosen to restore its city to its letters of nobility rather than to restructure itself in a modern framework, as is the case elsewhere.

Getting There

Nearest airport – Brussels Airport – 15.2 km

  • Tourists can board a train which takes 29 minutes and costs € 8-10 to get there.
  • Tourists can also use the line 12 bus, which costs € 3 and takes 53 minutes.
  • Tourists can also hire a taxi for € 19, which takes 15 minutes and costs € 19.

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What to see

King’s House

  • The King’s Residence, which was originally intended to serve as a bakery, has been demolished and renovated several times.
  • The house was built of wood when it opened. It was designed to sell bread.
  • Subsequently, it was designated as the Duke’s House and became a place of administrative authority for the Dukes. The now granite house became the king’s residence when the duke became king.
  • This structure houses the Museum of the City of Brussels.

Town hall

  • On the Grand-Place, the town hall is the only medieval building preserved in its original form.
  • The town hall is placed in the middle area of ​​the square.
  • A large part of the municipality is still housed at the town hall.
  • It is adorned with a bell tower, which is the most important landmark of the square.

Maison De La Grand Place

  • The magnificent Italian Renaissance grounds with gold-finished houses will catch the eye of tourists when they walk to the Grand Place.
  • The residences of the Grand Place are surrounded by numerous guild houses on both sides of the square.
  • Each of the columns in the house was a separate commercial office.
  • Each residence has a name and a set of unique characteristics. The houses have now been taken over by museums.
  • The Belgian Beer Museum was inaugurated in the House of Brewers’ Guilds.
  • The Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers Belges has taken over the former Maison des Corporations des Artisans.
  • There is no chapel or other institution of worship in the full circle.
  • The Grand Place existed only for economic and commercial purposes.

Each year, the Grand Place organizes a variety of events which constitute a highlight. Tourists should properly plan their visits to make the most of their time in the region

  • From November to January each year, the sound and light show takes place.
  • The theme of sound and light at the Grand-Place this year is tourism and the beauty of experiences, a festival of living in solidarity, which breaks down barriers and accepts variety.
  • Every two years in mid-August, a flower festival, begonias, is organized.
  • The Flower Carpet allows visitors to walk on the Grand-Place, a jewel of medieval architecture, while inhaling the pleasant aroma of begonias and admiring its features.
  • A stroll to the roof of the town hall, which offers a wide-angle perspective of the work, completes this remarkable presentation.
  • For each version, a unique musical piece is produced.

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Where to stay

Living art

  • L’Art de Séjour, located in a 19th-century building in the historic city of Brussels, offers innovative accommodation with flat-screen cable TV and free Wi-Fi, less than 500 meters from the Grand-Place.
  • Near the hotel there is a public parking lot.
  • Breakfast is served every morning on site. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, many cafes and restaurants serve Belgian and foreign cuisine.
  • Several supermarkets are also within walking distance.

Rocco Forte Amigo Hotel

  • Located on the corner of the Grand Place, the 5-star Amigo hotel offers exquisite rooms with designer amenities.
  • It combines a magnificent medieval backdrop with state-of-the-art equipment, a gymnasium and an award-winning dining room.
  • The suites at the Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo include a TV, a workstation and a minibar with Galler drinks and chocolates.
  • Each air-conditioned room includes a relaxation area and a lavish bathroom with ceramic ornaments.

BxB x2Brussels

  • X2Brussels offers spacious guest rooms in the heart of Brussels. It has free Wi-Fi and is located in a quiet street.
  • At X2Brussels, each elegant room has a flat-screen satellite TV and a modern private bathroom with a shower or a bathtub.
  • Every day, visitors can enjoy a buffet breakfast. Restaurants and shops are ideally located near B&B X2Brussels.

Pillows City Hotel Brussels

  • The Pillows City Hotel Brussels Center is a four-star hotel in the heart of Brussels, just 100 meters from Brussels Central Station and Saint-Michel et Sainte-Gudule Cathedral.
  • Personal parking is available, as well as free Wi-Fi and a bar serving Belgian drinks.
  • The air-conditioned suites at the Pillows City Hotel Brussels Center include a TV, desk and extra long beds.
  • A luxurious bathroom with a walk-in shower is available in some units.

For a variety of factors, the Grand Place has become a cultural landmark. Although it has been damaged by fire and attacked over the years, it has retained its unique appeal. It is a great travel destination and an absolute must-see when vacationing in Belgium due to its Gothic and Renaissance features, as well as its magnificent golden decorations.

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