NFT Games Philippines: Five Highly Anticipated Titles

The play-to-earn movement allows players to generate money from their favorite titles, collecting rewards in the form of NFTs and in-game currency tokens. The best players can earn significant income simply by spending time and progressing in these NFT games in the Philippines.

The growth of the gaming industry to win means that the roster is continually changing as new titles come online and gain popularity. Here are five titles that have built a solid audience:

1. Infinite Axis

Arguably the most popular game to win. A Pokémon-like game involving collectible digital creatures called Axies. Each Axis is unique, with characteristics determined by its digital genetic code. The object of the game is to breed rare Axies who are good fighters, pitting them against teams from other Axies. Players earn SLP and AXS tokens to win battles.

In this NFT game, Axies can be traded in the in-game market, and in-game tokens can be traded for other cryptos, as well as spent in-game.

2. Star Atlas

This Solana-based game is one of the most ambitious titles in the NFT gaming space. It’s an MMO built with high-end technology that offers an immersive experience and incredible graphics. The game takes place in the future, in a universe where three different factions compete for supremacy. The ultimate prize is a legendary planet-sized diamond. This NFT game combines space exploration with strategy and role-playing, as players fly around the stars and secure sources of income, forging alliances and engaging in combat when needed.

3. Cryptobots

Inspired by CruptoKitties, arguably the first major NFT gaming project, the original CryptoBots were born in 2017 as the hype around blockchain game collectibles grew. Last month, CryptoBots announced plans to launch a new full-fledged NFT game. CryptoBots will offer both PVE and PVP mechanics that will allow players to complete adventure tasks and receive in-game tokens or fight against other players.

4. Exploded lands

Splinterlands is a digital card game with around 300 cards organized around different “factions” or shards: Fire, Earth, Water, Life, Death, Dragon or Neutral. Players have different stats to determine their abilities, and there are different forms of play, including quests, ranked matches, and participating in tournaments. Cards can be converted into various cryptos, including the in-game currency, Dark Energy, which is also used to buy NFTs in the market. It is even possible to rent cards from other players to increase the winnings.


While Illuvium is still in development and its release is not expected until 2022, it has become one of the most anticipated titles to play to win. This is a decentralized RPG revolving around creatures called “Illuvials”, set in a detailed and complex world. Players explore the territory, capturing Illuvials, training them and pitting them against each other in combat. Rather than having its own in-game currency, Illuvium simply uses ETH. This, combined with the richness of the playing environment and the possibility of employing many different strategies, has given this NFT game a real buzz.

To play these NFT games in the Philippines, you need to purchase NFT to get started. For many people in emerging markets, this may not be a viable option. This is where player guilds come in. A guild is a group of players and cryptocurrency investors who come together, invest in the NFTs needed to play the NFT game, and lend them to players to start playing the NFT games. One of the fastest growing guilds in business today includes CGU (Crypto Gaming United). The people selected to play are called scholars. To date, CGU has more than 5,500 academics. Researchers earn real rewards in cryptocurrency which they can then turn into fiat money, making NFT scholarships and games a new, innovative and fair way to make a living.

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