10 great anime leaders who need better teams

Many great teams could use better leaders in the anime, but there are also many situations where it’s the opposite; the leader is awesome, but the rest of the squad are nowhere as proficient or not good team players.

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Some team leaders suffered from their teams arguing or arguing over the leader themselves, while other team leaders constantly faced shenanigans caused by their teammates. No matter how effective these leaders, Azuma en Yakitate !! Japan in Catarina in My next bad life, they were often knocked down by the rest of the team.

ten The Japanese team suffered because Kawachi and Suwabara didn’t get along (Yakitate !! Japan)

the cast of Yakitate !!  Japan

In the Monaco Cup, Azuma was technically the leader of the Japan squad as he won first place in the Pantasia Newcomers tournament while Kawachi and Suwabara tied for third. However, Kawachi and Suwabara barely got along, causing their teamwork to suffer for much of the Monaco Cup arc.

Kawachi and Suwabara also suffered from shortcomings in the last few laps. Kawachi tried to leave all the tough tasks to Azuma and Suwabara, while Suwabara made fatal mistakes in presenting some of his bread (including adding alcohol to bread intended for F1 racers). This forced Azuma alone to achieve his victory with his cooking.

9 The Pecorine Foodies Guild had full amnesia and a secret spy (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

main group of princess connect re dive

Pecorine was a fun leader and a helpful and kind person in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Unfortunately for her, the rest of her team let her down at times with their teamwork. It didn’t help that one of the members, catgirl Karyl, was initially a secret spy for Mana to check on Pecorine’s activities.

Yuuki, meanwhile, was with complete amnesia when Pecorine first met him, and he was extremely bad in combat early in the series. Even after Karyl definitely chose to stay with Pecorine and give up on Mana, as Yuuki slowly reclaimed her memories and improved in combat, the two still fell short of Pecorine, who was doing the most. work in the team.

8 The leader of Karasuno High women’s volleyball club was the strongest as everyone else fell short (Haikyu !!)

Yui Michimiya

Yui was a great and effective leader of the Karasuno High Girls’ Volleyball Club in Haikyu !!, but the rest of the team weren’t as good at playing volleyball as she did. Yui did his best to motivate his teammates to succeed, despite how difficult the games were for them, and even showed courage in front of them when they suffered a devastating loss.

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However, even though Yui was a good leader, her lack of success in winning fell on the rest of the team compared to her. It also didn’t help that Yui trained to the maximum of all team members and was their most skilled member.

7 Sayuri had to save her team when everyone was more experienced than her (Hello Sweet Love Patisserie)

Sayuri was forced to prevent her team from losing the Galaxy Dreams competition at the end of the series, despite being the least experienced at making sweet confections. After she and her team qualified for the final round, they had to make a dessert themed “What You Want To Pass On To The Future”. Instead of deciding on ideas as a team, everyone decided to leave that decision to Sayuri alone, forcing her to come up with something on the spot. Fortunately, his idea of ​​creating a confectionery version of Earth itself helped win the competition.

6 Reiji could have a more efficient pharmacy with different employees (pharmacy in another world)

Reiji and his team welcome their customers to a pharmacy from another world

Reiji often suffered from the shenanigans his colleagues and employees suffered in Pharmacy in another world. These shenanigans included Noela constantly drinking potions from another of her colleagues, initially linked to the pharmacy building through her ghost status. The Demon King, later joining the pharmacy as an employee, only made matters worse, as he mostly spent his time there trying to woo Noela. Reiji’s business at the drugstore would be easier to do if he had more efficient employees.

5 Raul took care of the main operations of Magic Shop Leon (I couldn’t become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to find a job)

Raul and Fino I couldn't be a hero so reluctantly decided to find a job

Although not the manager of Magic Shop Leon, Raul mainly took care of all the main operations of the store. He acted as the main leader whenever the manager was not present (which was, unfortunately for Raul, most of the time).

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Not only did Raul have to respond to clients and help grow business in any way he could, but he also had to train the Demon King’s daughter, Fino Bloodstone. He also dealt with a lot of magical items, worthy of the shop’s name, forcing Raul to deal with all the magic-related shenanigans that followed.

4 Riko became the main leader of the Love Lab despite being the assistant to the student president (Love Lab)

Riko and Natsuo from Love Lab

Riko, although she has no experience with having a boyfriend, lied to student president Natsuo about his past dating. This led to Riko becoming the leader of the Love Lab. However, she soon realized that the other members, including the student president herself, had no idea when it came to interacting with the boys. This led to them practicing meeting boys around the corner, going to school to meet cute guys, and getting off the hook when one of the girls was first forced out of the city. student council after being discovered for a romantic relationship, which was against their girls’ school rules.

3 Kohana must have put in a lot of effort to even get her council members to show up (Magic-Kyun! Rebirth)

Kohana from Magic Kyun Renaissance

In Magical Kyun! Renaissance, most of the members of the Hoshimori Summer Festival refused to show up for the first meeting for various reasons. This led to Kohana going out of her way to make sure every member showed up as her rival and colleague Teika refused to help her in any way.

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Teika was not a team player and the other board members were reluctant to come to meetings. The summer festival would be much better executed if everyone put aside their personal feelings and just showed up to meetings to decide things together, instead of forcing Kohana to do most of the work herself at first.

2 Glenn Litbeit was the only clinic member who could put his personal feelings aside during labor (Monster Girl Doctor)

Sapphee was constantly jealous of Glenn working with other monster girls, while Arahnia only worked for the clinic to see him more often. Glenn was the only person in his clinic who could properly put his personal feelings aside during labor and remain totally professional. Glenn was extremely patient, and his helpful diagnosis and surgical skills saved the lives of many Monster Girls. By comparison, Sapphee and Arahnia primarily worked on minor operations or general aspects of the clinic such as drug replenishment and small wound repair.

1 Catarina’s friends continued to fight for Catarina (My Next Villainous Life)

Characters from My Next Life as a Villain

It’s a common gag in My next bad life for all her smart friends and relatives to fight for Catarina’s affection. However, this has led them to find themselves in wild situations at times throughout the series. This included each of the characters trying to woo Catarina while they were stuck together in magic books and dollhouses. They also teamed up on occasion to prevent others from seducing Catarina.

Catarina was completely oblivious to most of the characters who fell in love with her until the second season. Although her friends often worked together when the going got tough, especially when it came to dark magic, Catarina could benefit from having her friends fighting less for her and working together more often.

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