Sabaton salutes peace in the midst of chaos with the video “Christmas Truce”


Even in times of war there can be times of great humanity. One of those moments happened on December 24, 1914 when the British and German shoulders stopped their battle, found common ground, met, exchanged gifts and even played football on Christmas Eve. . It was a rare moment of peace in the midst of a bloody battle and it is a subject which forms the basis of Sabaton’s last song, “Christmas Truce”.

Swedish metal heroes have long let their fascination with the conflicts of the world serve as the inspiration for their songs and “Christmas Truce” is part of this tradition. “The Christmas truce was our top priority when we decided to write songs about WWI,” said bassist Pär Sundström. “Not only was it the subject most requested by our fans, but it was, for us, the most moving story of the war. This song took us years to create because we wanted the music to reflect the ‘honesty of the vibe, and that was a big challenge; but we think we’ve managed to write a song that captures the spirit of that day, over a century ago.

Speaking of creation honoring the original event, the members of Sabaton also filmed a video of the song taking place on the battlefield which can be viewed below. Check out the lyrics and the clip and if you like what you hear, the song is available for download here.

Sabaton, Lyrics to “Christmas Truce”

Oh I remember the silence
On a cold winter day
After several months on the battlefield
And we were used to violence
Then all the guns fell silent
And the snow has fallen
Voices sang to me from no man’s land

We are all, we are all, we are all, we are all friends

And today we are all brothers
Tonight we’re all friends
A moment of peace in a war that never ends
Today we are all brothers
We drink and unite
Now Christmas has come and the snow is whitening the ground
Hear the songs of the trenches, we sing oh holy night
Our weapons lie among the snowflakes
A Christmas in the trenches, a Christmas on the front lines away from home

Oh I remember the sadness
We hid our tears
In a foreign land where we faced our fears
We were soldiers
Carried the war on our shoulders
For our nations
Is that why we bury our friends?

We were all, we were all, we were all, we were all friends

Christmas on the front line, we walk among our friends, we don’t think about tomorrow, the battle will begin
When we celebrated Christmas we thought of our friends, those who never returned home, when the battle began

Sabaton, “Christmas Truce”

“Christmas Truce” will be part of Sabaton’s tenth studio album, The war to end all wars. The album is due out March 4 via Nuclear Blast Records and is available for pre-order here. This latest collection of songs takes a look at many atrocities, miracles and events that took place around WWI.

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