Ultra Q shares distorted video for contagious new single “It’s Permanent”


Oakland rockers Ultra Q have shared a video for their new single, “It’s Permanent”.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s son Jakob Armstrong sits alongside Ultra Q. Brothers Enzo and Chris Malaspina and Kevin Judd round out the group. Today’s single follows previously released tracks “Bowman” and “Handheld”. All of these songs appear on their next EP, Get yourself a friend. “It’s Permanent” comes with a visualizer made by Armstrong. The video for Ultra Q’s new track features old tour footage as well as scenes from The decline of western civilization.

“If there’s one song on this EP that is in any way remembered, I really hope it’s this one,” Armstrong said. “I vividly remember doing the demo thinking it might just be rubbish, but alas, I think it’s my favorite of the bunch. The point with ‘It’s Permanent’ was to really try to create something cinematic, which we had never tried in a song before.

Watch the “It’s Permanent” video below.

“It was all about the atmosphere,” Armstrong continues. “A lot of the vocal clicks and guitar frills were kept in the demo because they worked well with what we had. Lyrically, there’s something about getting lost in a nightclub in Europe. from the east surrounded by flashing neon lights and doom, but it’s covered in a good layer of nonsense.If nothing else, I hope this song provides a few minutes of gothic escape.

Learn more about UltraQ:

Ultra Q brings a youthful and glitchy touch to rock sounds. They focus on bands like The Strokes and The Cure, while channeling the energy of bands like PUP. In fact, PUP frontman Stefan Babcock co-wrote their track, “Bowman”. You can really get that grainy, retro-futuristic sound here on Get yourself a friend.

Get yourself a friend releases November 19 via Royal Mountain Records. Pre-order the album here or check out the tracklist below.

Get yourself a friend List of tracks:

01 – “Pupkin”
02 – “It’s permanent”
03 – “The archer”
04 – “Straight jacket”
05 – “Pocket computer”
06 – “Find a friend”

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