5 anime characters who would survive the Squid game (& 5 who won’t)


Squid game involved his cast playing typical childhood games with a deadly twist. The winner would end up coming away with millions of dollars. Losers, however, would die horribly from being shot to fall to their deaths. Some of these games were even psychologically damaging, like the Marbles Game and the Final Squid Game.

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There are many characters in the field of anime who could participate in the events of Squid game. While some of them can be smart and quick enough to do this, others would perish at some point during games, if not immediately at first.

ten SURVIVAL: Akira Shiroyanagi could outwit opponents (5 second fighting game)

Akira Shiroyanagi fights in 5 seconds

Akira Shiroyanagi is incredibly intelligent. Even without special abilities given to him, he was able to outrun and outwit a monster that chased him through town in Battle game in 5 seconds first episode using the structure of an abandoned building to its advantage.

Considering how smart he is at amassing allies and testing their loyalty and abilities, he could easily pull off team games. Akira may have more difficulty for a one-on-one match, but he’s quick enough on his feet to get past the final squid match and he’s smart enough to outsmart his opponent in the ball game.

9 WON’T SURVIVE: Kohana’s Compassion Is His Downfall (Magic-Kyun! Rebirth)

Kohana from Magic Kyun Renaissance

Kohana is a compassionate person, which could help her gain confidence in team games, including tug of war. Some players might even feel bad enough for her and willingly sacrifice their own lives for her to progress in the game. However, she would likely trust the wrong people, and they might betray her later in the marbles game or the game. set of glass panels, which would cause its rapid disappearance. Her lack of physical ability could also lead to her immediate death in the “red light, green light” game if she is not careful enough.

8 SURVIVAL: Hisoka would kill all opponents and manipulate them as he pleases (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka smiles between his fingers

Hisoka is incredibly bloodthirsty, but he also has good reflexes, strength, and attention to detail. These abilities alone would help him survive the “red light, green light” game, the dalgona candy game, and the final squid game. He would also be smart enough to outsmart his opponents in the ball game and the glass panel game.

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He might have issues with team games, including tug of war where he has to cooperate with people who would potentially want him dead later, but he could easily team up with people as needed and gain their trust, even if only briefly.

7 WON’T SURVIVE: Reiji’s lack of combat experience would lead to his demise in the final round (Drugstore In Another World)

Reiji pharmacy in another world

As a pharmacist, Reiji might have the right job and intelligence to overcome games such as the dalgona game and the marble game. He’s also a pretty fast runner with decent reflexes, so he would survive the “red light, green light” game as well. However, his lack of combat experience would ultimately doom him at the time of the last squid game.

As the isekai protagonist who has entered a fantasy world with no skills other than pharmacy, Reiji has no combat experience to back him up. Since the last squid game involved combative knife work, Reiji would have died before he could do anything to protect himself.

6 WILL SURVIVE: Azusa is too smart for anyone else to beat her (I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxing out my level)

azusa slimes

Azusa might have been compassionate to her teammates, but her overkill abilities would help her win the squid game as the only survivor. She is a good leader, which could help her in team games, and she has enough reflexes and speed to pass the final squid game and the “red light, green light” game with little difficulty. She might have difficulty with the game of marbles, depending on who her opponent is, but she would ultimately win thanks to her intelligence.

5 WON’T SURVIVE: Moeta Kaoruko would die in the first round (Comic Girls)

Kaoruko Moeta from Comic Girls

Moeta Kaoruko may be a great manga artist, but her nervous movements would immediately lead to her death on a “red light, green light” if she participated. She might be able to survive the dalgona game, given her intricate work with her hands as a mangaka, but she would struggle with the marble game, the glass panel game and especially the tug of war thanks to his small size and his physique. weak.

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Nicknamed “Kaos” by her friends, Moeta is said to be one of the first people to panic after seeing other people die around her. Even if she somehow survived the early rounds, someone would end up betraying her or using her as a guinea pig in the glass panel game.

4 SURVIVES: Aiz Wallenstein is a fast warrior who can cooperate well with others as well (is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon !?)

Aiz Wallenstein

As one of the best fighters in the Loki Familia, Aiz Wallenstein’s quick movements, attention to detail, and quick thinking would help him survive many games including “red light, green light”, the dalgona game and the marbles game. As a natural leader, she could help her team achieve victory in games like tug of war, leading to their collective survival. Her great mastery of the sword would also help her in the latest squid game, as she would be used to working with blades.

3 WON’T SURVIVE: Bandit Keith would be duped by his opponents or die of cheating (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

YuGiOh Bandit Keith

Bandit Keith is able to manipulate others into what he wants, as evidenced by his brief alliance with other Duelists in the Duelist Realm arc. It might help him survive the early rounds, especially when teams are involved. However, his eventual resort to cheating, betrayal of his teammates, and other reckless attempts would lead to his death.

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Even if he managed to top the early rounds by pushing the others to death in the glass panel game or winning a showdown with his team, his opponent would likely outsmart him in the head-to-head marbles game. head or the last game of squid, resulting in its death. Alternatively, Keith could try and kill the staff involved in the game to get the cash prize, and the staff would easily kill him first, given that they are all armed and outnumber him.

2 SURVIVES: Sebastian Michaelis is extremely intelligent and is a demon with sharp reflexes (Black Butler)

Sébastien from Black Butler.

The bloodshed presented in Squid game would hardly scare Sebastian, considering he’s used to having blood on his hands as a demon. He has experience leading the Phantomhive Mansion staff, which would give him an advantage when working with teammates in team games, including tug of war.

Sebastian is also extremely attentive to detail, which would help him in the dalgona candy game when cutting shapes, and he’s smart enough to outsmart his opponents in the ball game. He would have little difficulty winning the latest squid game and the glass panel games unless he faced opponents who matched or exceeded his strength.

1 WON’T SURVIVE: Yuuki would die if he participated in the games alone (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

Yuuki is a great warrior and an excellent swordsman in Princess Connect! Re: diving, but his lack of intelligence and habitual reliance on defeating his opponents as a team with members of the Gourmet Guild would lead to his eventual death in a one-on-one game involving intelligence and outwitting the opponent, like the ball game. He would likely skip the tug of war and any other team-based game depending on his strength and cooperative nature, but that same nature could lead to his demise if he doesn’t pay attention and trust the wrong person.

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