Gallery, museum and library events kick off the fall arts season


The Mariners are in high demand this weekend, but if baseball isn’t your favorite pastime, consider these artistic and cultural choices. Our guide is Crystal Paul, trade reporter for the Seattle Times.

Black packaged

This presents the work of Barbara Earl Thomas and New York artist Derrick Adams. It opens at the Henry Art Gallery this Saturday and ends on May 1.

What’s really great about this show is that it puts the two artists in conversation. If you know their work, you know color is a big part of it. Seeing them side by side in a conversation on topics like black joy, black resistance, and black power in pop culture is going to be amazing.

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Crossing Borders: Portraits of a Transgender West

This exhibit will be held at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma. It covers a period from 1860 to 1940. It shows what we call the Old West in a totally different light. Hyper-masculine, gun-wielding cowboys and indigenous genocide are part of the story, but it also erases that massive history of queer and trans people back then. They feature prominent queer and trans people who weren’t just around then, but were real strong.

Caption: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

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Seattle Reads presents Brit Bennett with Jazmyn Scott

Brit Bennett’s The half that faints was chosen as the 2021 Seattle Reads book. She will virtually talk about her book with Jazmyn Scott at the Seattle Public Library. On the surface, it’s a book about overtaking. It is another in a long tradition of stories about mixed race or fair-skinned blacks who may pass for white. What Bennett does is take the tropes of that tradition and pass them down through the generations. She examines what happens to children when their parents literally erase their genealogy, family history, and any connection they have to their culture, essentially erasing their entire history from that side of the family.

Listen to the interview by clicking the play button above.

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