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He loves her so much in fact, that he takes discipline in other areas of his life. Dr Vaigneur leads with competence and compassion. As one of the first LEADS specialists, Vaigneur, who also teaches Psychology 102 at York, says he believes that “careers are an aspect of who we are and this is true of anyone, that the individual is disabled or not ”.

Born “in the Deep South”, Vaigneur spent his childhood and most of his adolescence in South Carolina, until he left for England in his late teens. His first job was in the fashion industry, modeling and acting quite a bit upon his return to the United States.

“Every now and then I get a call late at night from a friend who saw me on an old TV show and they’ll all be excited and say, ‘I think I just saw you in a night on Sex and the City, “or ‘You were just in jail for Law and Order SVU’,” he recounts.

In fact, the higher education professional is still an active member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-Aftra) and can vote during Hollywood awards season. But the excitement of fashion and performance spaces, while enjoyable, was not enough to quench Vaigneur’s intellectual thirst, and he returned to school to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Hunter. College and doctorate at Long Island University. He has published articles in his discipline and has received funding for his research.

Dr Vaigneur started his counseling career helping recovering drug addicts, then joined CUNY and has been with York ever since. Dr Vaigneur has been an advocate, activist and ally of the disabled population, both on and off CUNY campuses.
He has written two children’s books with disability-themed storylines, which “have both done very well in sales”. Her recent children’s book is called “Flowers, Ballet, Horses and a Kitten” and can be found on Amazon.com. Vaigneur is the host of the Manhattan-based talk show, “Disabilities Redefined with Dr. Vaigneur”.

“What we do on our show is celebrate and yet normalize the successes of those people who define themselves as disabled,” he says. “Being with a disability is not a ‘bad word’ at all, so we open the conversation to discuss the great work so many people do, focusing only on their jobs and accomplishments.” The show can be seen on television every Saturday at 5.30 p.m. (MNN, channel 34).

As if all this weren’t enough on one person’s plate, Dr. Vaigneur has also been involved with the Ms. Wheelchair USA for the past several years, first as a “celebrity” judge and now as a judge. as a red carpet reporter. Asked about Mrs. Wheelchair USA, he explained her importance.

“It is one of the most exciting and interesting nights of the whole year, not just for the public but for the whole country,” he said. “Ms. Wheelchair USA has a potential documentary in the works with Netflix, and Vaigneur will appear there. The documentary is slated for release in Spring 2022.”

Vaigneur is also back in school working on a Masters in Disability Studies at CUNY School of Professional Studies. He said, “Disability studies as a subject are relatively new to academia” and he wanted to get a degree.
“I’m just doing this diploma to learn more about disability history, disability law and theory,” says Dr Vaigneur. “Once I get it, nothing will really change. I’ll just know more. “

The Renaissance man from York is also on the selection committee for “Reelabilties”, the largest film festival featuring disability films. But he doesn’t make any of those extra CV building commitments. He does them for a much deeper reason.
“Everything I do now – the books, the show, the documentaries, are all for advocacy and awareness purposes,” he says. “I’m going to continue. It’s really not an option because that’s who I am.”

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