13 shows like Manifest you can binge watch right now


A reboot of WB’s “Roswell”, which in itself was based on the “Roswell High” book series, “Roswell, New Mexico” is currently in its 3rd season on the CW, with previous seasons being available to stream. on Netflix. While many reboots are hollow copies of previous shows, “Roswell, New Mexico” differs from the original in many ways.

In “Roswell”, the aliens are real, like everyone else, and live among the people of Roswell, New Mexico. However, they do have special abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, and cell regeneration. In the reboot, the cast is more diverse than in the original series and includes a few characters from the LGBTQ community. Queer inclusion isn’t just for the show, either – the characters have an intimate relationship throughout the series. As with just about every show featuring aliens, various factions want to hunt down and study them, experiment with them, or exterminate them.

Aside from the ridiculously attractive and charismatic cast, which includes Nathan Parsons, Michael Trevino, Tyler Blackburn and Lily Cowles, “Roswell, New Mexico” features storylines that are both science and science fiction, so nothing is never too far-fetched. Jeanine Mason’s main character, Liz Ortecho, is a scientist, so biology and chemistry save the day almost as often as alien superpowers.

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