“Jeopardy! »By Mayim Bialik objective: to maintain its integrity | Television


A three-fold mother to cat herself, Bialik is the spokesperson for Purina’s Pro Plan LiveClear line of cat food, developed to reduce feline allergens that can be irritating to humans – including, noted the actor, her boyfriend – by neutralizing a protein in the cat’s saliva.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Bialik discussed the adaptation to “Jeopardy!”, The direction of his comedy, and his past comments on vaccines. Notes have been edited for clarity and length.

PA: It was the “Jeopardy! Embarrassing turmoil for you or could you distance yourself?

Bialik: There were many conversations and weeks and weeks in which we all adjusted to what was going on. There weren’t really any surprises, so there wasn’t really any embarrassment. I’m just thrilled that I can do my job and do it to the best of my ability, as someone who would probably be wrong in “Jeopardy!” It’s a real honor to be standing there.

PA: Guest guest stays were presented as trials for host work. Do you feel like you’re auditioning again?

Bialik: As far as I’m concerned, I no longer audition for nothing. I do the job in front of me and let the business leaders do what they need to do. For me, I am more and more comfortable with the language of “Jeopardy! As we call it, and I give the crew and staff the impression that we have consistency and that I’m a person genuinely interested in maintaining integrity. a spectacle.

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