Renaissance festival


Five generations ago there was an enchanted castle deep in the forests of Sparta. This castle was created by the fairies as a gift for the King and Queen of Sussex. Three generations ago, when the tides of war began to rise, vines and foliage began to grow uncontrollably on the castle, and within a decade it was gone, magically recovered from the forest.

In recent years and under the new reign of King James and Queen Misha, the kingdom has been brought back to peace and the end of all major wars where it has been peacefully negotiated. Woodland fairies began to show themselves more often, and new life was breathed into the forgotten arts of magic. Shortly after last year’s festival, nature began to loosen up and revealed a small part of the enchanted castle.

One of the knight kings and two of the waiting queen queens have learned to become adept at magic in recent years, and the king has asked them to create a new mages guild in order to recruit new members and find out how to recover. fully the hidden castle …

The resurgence of magical ions from the Kingdom of Sussex has brought more than just friendly fairies, as there are those who wish to use the lost knowledge for sinister plans. The Rogues’ Guild has discovered a wicked witch who plans to curse King James. The guild is looking for people willing to embark on the dangerous expedition to save the ring before the witch casts her curse.

During this time…. The neighboring kingdom of Graymoor is preparing to attend this year’s festival in the Kingdom of Sussex. Relations between Graymoor and Sussex have been tenuous at best and while King James of Sussex may seek peace, the Knights of Grymoor may have other plans …

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