A musical homage to Krishna on Janmashtami


She shares her journey: “In January 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, I explained to my younger sister how I would do anything to record a song and play in a music video and she encouraged me to pursue it. Honestly, I was reluctant at first as I obviously didn’t know how to play and still didn’t think I was good at vocals. Kanha Re “Raag Kedar Bandish as part of my class schedule. I fell in love with the song and agreed to sing and perform in a music video where I could express my love for Krishna. “

The author recorded the song with VideoProductions.in. “The production start recorded the song and had me play myself in the clip. In the clip you see me churning butter for Krishanji, which I have been doing every Janmashtami for over 10 years. . Kshitij Bhargava, the music producer, added western style music to the classical Hindustani raag to create an Indian folk fusion. Kshitj and I worked together to compose the song’s Sargam. The whole team made my dream come true – and I can’t thank them enough for the same. After becoming a software developer, author, Lean In Leader and TedXSpeaker, I can now call myself a singer. “

Sanya is the author of ‘One Action – Towards Women’s Dreams And Ambitions’. In the book, she highlights the patriarchy that bothers the human mind, the “log-kya-kahenge” syndrome and how dangerous cities become a psychological barrier for women.

“My parents told me that I started singing before I started speaking properly. Apparently I had difficulty speaking at a young age, which prompted my uncle to suggest that my father put me in the room. music. I was 3 years old at the time, and that is where my journey started. I started learning Hindustani classical music from a local teacher. Like any other beginner, I started by learning Raag Bhopali, ”Khurana told IANSlife.

“Growing up, delving around the world, I forgot to be a singer, because everyone suggested doing something ‘practical’ with life, and I was convinced. Luckily, coding came to my rescue because I had so much fun and started working to become a software developer. Music has become an occasional hobby. “

“As a teenager, I loved to sing Krishan Bhajan. Then, after six months of working as a software developer, I decided to get back to music. I joined the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, and started learning again from Raag Bhopali. -time, manage my Lean In Network, write a book, give speeches at the same time but I managed to find an hour in the week for music. “

The video will be released on YouTube around Janmashtami, and the audio version of the song will be released on all Indian platforms before it.

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