Northfield Christmas Tree Farm Fight – More new census data


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Here are the best stories today in Northfield:

  1. Fighting the development of a Christmas tree farm in Northfield (Yahoo News)
  2. Northfield Public Schools Announce Mask Policy (Northfield Patch)
  3. College City Cogwheel | August 19, 2021 (August 18, 2021) (
  4. Mask warrant takes effect in Rochester, MN (Northfield Patch)
  5. The school district is considering the next five-year plan; Census data has impacts in Northfield, Rice County; Overview of the town hall (
  6. How much has Northfield’s population grown: U.S. Census (Northfield Patch)

Today in Northfield

  • Cardiovascular Board Exam for Initial Certification and Recertification – Livestream CME (7:30 a.m.)
  • SOC: G / V – Northfield Public School District (9:00 a.m.)
  • SOC: B / JV – Northfield Public School District (9:30 a.m.)
  • Paid Research Study: UMN Driving Simulation Study (10:00 a.m.)
  • 5th Annual Cannon River Clay Tour (10:00 am)

Northfield Notebook

  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival: “Come witness the celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture with the Minnesota Renaissance Festival Highland Games! The 14th Highland Heavy Games Amateur World Championship will take place on Saturday August 21 and Sunday August … “(Facebook)
  • Saint-Olaf College: “Congratulations to the 2020 class! After more than a year of delay, we were able to welcome the class of 2020 and their families to the campus for the rites, traditions and ceremonies of the start weekend. Learn more about St. Olaf N. .. “(Facebook)
  • City of Northfield, Minnesota: “The murals in the tunnels at the 246 Jefferson Parkway roundabout are complete! Take a look at the birds in the Oak Savannas. Artist Adam Turman posed for a few photos. You can then see it at the Minnesota State Fair. Thank you for. ..” (Facebook)
  • Knights of Carleton College: “Matt Wilkinson ’21 was voted Academic All-American for the second year in a row, becoming the fourth knight to accomplish this feat.” (Facebook)
  • Saint-Olaf College: “The Class of 2020 alumni are back on campus this weekend to enjoy their graduation ceremony that was previously disrupted by the pandemic. We are deeply proud of the character these young people have shown throughout. along their senior … “(Facebook)
  • Visit Northfield: “Ok buddies, have you seen these absolutely AdOrAbLe gnomes at Sissy’s On 7th?!?!?!? Not only are they handmade but they are made and sold all year round with different themes. This one celebrating the famous Northfield event … “(Facebook)
  • Northfield Youth Choirs: Nicole Thietje is the conductor of Treble Choir and co-artistic director of NYC. She is the choir director at New Prague High School, where she conducts school choirs, extracurricular groups, and is a choreographer and musical director … ” (Facebook)
  • Northfield Youth Choirs: “This week we will be releasing a ‘Spotlight’ for each of our new and returning conductors. Today we begin with Dr. Therees Hibbard. Therees Tkach Hibbard is Choir Director, serving 10th grade students – adult singers . She is currently … ” (Facebook)
  • City of Northfield, Minnesota: Everyone is invited to celebrate and show their support for the Latin American community at the 4th Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage on Saturday, September 18 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Central Park, 421 E 4th St. Attendees can discover wealth … “(Facebook)
  • Northfield Youth Choirs: “Shana Hodel is the conductor of Poco a Poco in New York. Shana has extensive experience as a Montessori teacher, where she has incorporated music daily into the program. She has also been our collaborating pianist for Chorale for many years. years. S … “(Facebook)
  • City of Northfield, Minnesota: “Enter for a chance to get a 6ft potted maple or apple tree. Dick’s Sanitation is providing 15 trees to give to residents of Northfield. Winners will be drawn from the entries. Deadline is 15th September. https: // www .ci.n … “(Facebook)
  • Northfield Youth Choirs: “Today’s star conductor is Dr. Leigh Ann Garner. Leigh Ann Garner is the director of Junior Singers, an ensemble for first and second year singers. She is also an Assistant Professor of Music Education at St. Olaf College. Before St. Olaf, she … “(Facebook)
  • Knights of Carleton College: “On Thursday, men’s soccer held its first pre-season camp practice. It was great to see the guys on campus again. (Facebook)
  • Northfield Youth Choirs: “The excitement is palpable! Comment below if you or a family member is going to sing with NYC this year. Everyone is welcome!” (Facebook)
  • Knights of Carleton College: “Bell Field was calm this summer, but Thursday saw a return to action for women’s soccer as the Knights held their first practice of the 2021 preseason.” (Facebook)
  • City of Northfield, Minnesota: “The Town of Northfield is participating in this study. (Facebook)
  • Healthy Community Initiative: “Discover the staff of Grandir en santé! Meet Les Limon! ¡Conozca a nuestro personal! ¡Conoce a Les Limon! Hi, my name is Leslie! from the University of Minne … “(Facebook)
  • Bridge Chamber Music Festival: “At Keepsake Cidery today, check out the space for the next Bridge Festival concert. Justin Knoepfel Alexandra Early Sarah Lewis Emily Hagen will perform here on August 29 at 3 p.m. Music by Felix Mendelssohn and Rebecca Clarke …” (Facebook )
  • Knights of Carleton College: “Football opened its pre-season camp on Thursday. It was great to see the Knights on campus again. (Facebook)
  • Northfield Arts Guild: “The Guild is pleased to welcome Anna Olson, our new Director of Performing Arts! Anna comes to the Guild as a licensed music educator and experienced theater professional with a deep passion for the performing arts. We look forward to … ”(Facebook)
  • Visit Northfield: “Find out what’s happening this weekend in Northfield! Https: //entertainmentguidemn.c … #NorthfieldChamber #FinallyFriday #WeLoveWeekends #ThisIsNorthfield #VisitNorthfield” (Facebook)
  • Old Northfield: “Exciting things in the work of the historical society, consider becoming a member! ” (Facebook)
  • City of Northfield, Minnesota: Northfield Police Chief Mark Elliott discusses new state legislation governing mental health crisis calls and preparations for the defeat of Jesse James Days in 2021. El jefe de policía de la ciudad de Northfield, Mark Elliott, habla de la n … “(Facebook)
  • Bridge Chamber Music Festival: “View from behind the mic It’s great talking with Paula Grandquist today on KYMN 95.1 FM about all the upcoming artists and concerts! Our conversation will be posted early next week.” (Facebook)
  • Healthy Community Initiative: Everyone is invited to celebrate and show your support for the Latin American community at the 4th Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage on Saturday, September 18, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Northfield’s Central Park, 421 E 4th St. Todos están invitados a … “(Facebook)
  • Northfield Fine Art Boosters – NFAB: “For this board member, the music camp was first held in Dorian in 1986 at Luther College, then at the MMEA All-State Band camps in 1989 and 1990. Oh, the memories triggered by this article of the New York Times on Interlochen Center for the Arts in. .. “(Facebook)

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