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Pixel Federation, Slovakia’s biggest game developer, takes its year of success to new heights, launching an all-new Expedition Tycoon game available on iOS and Android. Blending creativity, experience, and fan-favorite transport game mechanics, Port City is the answer to the Pixel Federation gaming community who love ships.

The new free version of Port City, an innovative balancing strategy, challenge, building and collecting game, will give players the chance to embody the skills and values ​​of a port manager. Pixel Federation expedition fans are already excited to rebuild port cities and entire regions across the globe, flooding their game world with prosperity and wealth by collecting fleets of ships. Port City embodies the classic Pixel Federation gameplay features of decision-making and transport mechanics to challenge the logistics brains of gamers and encourage them to build their dream maritime empire from the ground up.

After just nine months of development, Port City is the newest addition to the Pixel Federation’s impressive portfolio of games, including all-time favorite Diggy’s Adventure; and TrainStation 2, the incredibly successful train simulator sequel to the famous classic TrainStation, which generated 12 million euros in revenue in just one year. The core value of Pixel Federation when making new games is to create and deliver creations that the developers themselves would love to play and to provide the right features for a community eager to play as well. Building on previous Transport and Tycoon Collective Games already built, Port City will pioneer the next wave of highly successful and popular Pixel Federation games from player to player. Already passing a beta test, Port City’s player retention and satisfaction levels were incredibly high, and the Pixel Federation developer team are confident the game will fuel a thriving community of shipping enthusiasts.

“We wanted to capture the next generation of transport enthusiasts, and with TrainStation and TrainStation 2 safely under our belt, we turned our attention to our shipping players. Fans of Seaport, our old fleet game, are already recognizing what Port City will bring; exciting new quests to test our players’ strategy and inspire the next great fleet creations in the world of Port City. Our gaming community is the most important part of every new Pixel Federation creation and we can’t wait to see how much they love Port City! ‘ said Serhiy Chepa, game designer from Port City.

With the recent announcement of the Pixel Federation’s international offices opening in Brno, Czech Republic, coupled with revenue figures for 2020-2021 exceeding expectations by 120%, all that was left for the Slovak game developer to delight the industry was to launch a new game; Port City will lead a new community of gamers to Pixel Federation. Along with its granular focus on its fans, the Pixel Federation’s drive to support the wider gaming industry and the Slovak community extends to a number of innovative philanthropic educational projects, COVID-19 support and a new CSR strategy focused on the environment. While 2021 is indicative of what the future holds for the Pixel Federation, it is undoubtedly a game developer to watch, within the gaming industry and beyond.

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