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America doesn’t have a famine, does it? And unlike too large an American population, the 2020 Census Bureau report showed that the American population has slowed down over the past 10 years to its lowest rate since the 1930s. To quote a musical by Stephen Sondheim , “I’m still there.”

In 1970, a scientist named James P. Lodge, Jr predicted “a new ice age” by the 21st century. Here we are 21 years in the 21st century and some experts say the opposite. No wonder critics call it junk science.

Apologists often claim that their predictions were based on information available at the time. Yet, they want to make changes that would affect our lives and lifestyles, maybe forever. It is a matter of control, not of individual freedom.

In 1972, two members of the Department of Geological Sciences at Brown University wrote to President Richard Nixon following a “meeting of 42 leading American and European researchers”. Their letter read: “The main conclusion of the meeting was that a global deterioration of the climate, of an order of magnitude greater than anything that civilized humanity has known so far, is a very real possibility, and might even happen very soon. Almost 50 years later, we are still waiting for the sky to fall.

There is much more for anyone who takes the time to research.

Today, due to the fear surrounding COVID-19, we have similar apocalyptic statements from politicians and scientists. Are these statements their attempt to gain more power for themselves and deny us our individual freedoms and the right to make our own choices?

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