MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence Presents PG Diploma in Robotic Process Automation for Aspiring Professionals


The main intention of this association is to train employable professionals to meet the demand of the ever-changing global automation industry. The curriculum for the PG Diploma in RPA has been organized, designed and developed in such a way as to help graduates and working professionals to develop their talents with micro-degrees planned for future jobs. Teacher. Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive Chairman and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Harshad Strap, Director and CEO of CiTiS Infotech, and signed the MoU. Mr. Sunder Rao Swarana, CMO-InnoWise, Shri dighe, VP Education-CiTiS, Dr. Mahesh Chopade, Registrar-MITADT University, Dr. Dnyandeo Neelwarna, COE, Dr. Rahul More, Dean of the Faculty of Skills and Work-Integrated Education and Professor Suraj Bhoyar, Project Director, were present for the ceremony.

To stay one step ahead, the MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence (MIT-FuSE), MIT-ADT University offers graduate programs relevant to industry in IA / ML, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, RPA, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, SAP-ERP provide india working professionals and graduates with the opportunity to pursue their ambition with the most sought-after skills that will prepare them for future careers. These PG programs will undoubtedly help recent graduates as well as working professionals overcome the loss of learning opportunities caused by the global pandemic.

Professor Dr. Mangesh Karad said: “In today’s world, technology is emerging and advancing every day. And improving skills with the technology of the future is a critical part of building better careers and enabling everyone to thrive in the future concert economy. He also pointed out that the strategic partnerships with major industries will allow the state’s students to learn about technology and understand future automation solutions through the unique internship engagement module included in the program.

Dr. Harshad Strap emphasized the intention and USP of the program which is designed for professionals who wish to broaden their career horizons in the automation and integration of business processes as well as for all those who wish to secure future employment. The best experts and mentors in the industry will facilitate training and practice for better engagement. Mr. Sunder Rao Swarana has deliberately mentioned that this PG in RPA degree is the first of its own kind of academic offering for aspiring professionals across India. He cited that engineers and technologists aren’t the only ones who can benefit from RPA. Business analysts and others who can study business processes and imagine how they can be automated can learn how to create bots or define the requirements that an RPA developer should work from.

The adoption of robotic process automation (RPA) in several global industries, viz. banking and finance, insurance, health, industry, transport and logistics, telecommunications, e-commerce is progressing at breakneck speed. These global industries are using RPA to realize the cost savings of automation, but are struggling to find enough skilled staff to take on the job. Robotic process automation (RPA) is therefore becoming a popular career choice. Despite economic pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic, the RPA industry is expected to grow at double-digit rates through 2024. Due to growing demand and limited supply, professionals may consider a package deal. decent from the start of their career.

Professor Suraj Bhoyar clarified the vision and mission of the MIT Center for Future Skills Excellence to transform and empower individuals into successful professionals. He highlighted the growing adoption of AI, machine learning and robotics in the workplace and the increase in remote employees as well as gig workers as an important part of the workforce. work that would need a constant upgrading of skills. A career in RPA is extremely beneficial and profitable. This new technology will undoubtedly provide a large number of job opportunities around the world. When you compare the salaries of people with RPA skills to those of other positions in the market, it is clear that those with RPA skills earn more. Developing skills in RPA tools will help you progress in your work.

Any math graduate of Class XII or equivalent is eligible for the Eleven Months program, which is divided into three trimesters with unique internship opportunities for better exposure. Admission announcement with details is available on its official website. The program will start from August 2021. MIT-FuSE is also unique in its approach, as it integrates the best techniques and technologies in the industry into all parts of learning pedagogy, resulting in a truly exceptional online learning experience. All programs will be delivered through the LMS and are accessible through an online learning application. In July 2021, the next cohort of SAP, IA / ML, Cloud Computing, and cybersecurity will begin.

It is crucial to remember that only those who put in the time and effort to hone their skills and improve their existing abilities will be successful in the future. Aspirants must continue to promote new paradigms of knowledge and capabilities due to the ever-changing nature of the future business environment.

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About MIT-ADT University

The MAEER’s Trust, which is known to have set the high priority for the privatization of engineering education in Maharashtra, took the lead by establishing the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT-Pune), in 1983, which continues to remain the flagship institute of the group. .

MIT University of Art, Design and Technology, Pune was established under the MIT University of Art, Design and Technology Act 2015 (Maharashtra Law No.XXXIX of 2015). The University started its operations successfully from June 27, 2016. The University is a self-funded institution empowered to award degrees under section 22 of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. The University has a unique blend of art, design and technology at the heart of its academics.

Recently, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune has obtained the following distinctions:
– Ranked 26th for ARIIA 2020 by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
– Received 5 stars for exemplary performance by the Innovation Council of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
– Distinguished by the prize for the best university campus by ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
– Agreed with the Atal incubation center as part of the ATAL innovation mission, NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

MIT University of Art, Design and Technology has taken a holistic approach to delivering an education in which students are motivated to forge a complete winning personality who is “physically fit, intellectually strong, mentally alert, and spiritually. high “. Students are encouraged to participate in yoga, meditation, physical training, spiritual upliftment, communication skills, and other personality development programs. Currently, we have more than 7500 students studying in various higher education schools within the framework of the University, viz. Engineering and technology, food technology, bioengineering, arts, design, maritime engineering, journalism and broadcasting, film and television, music (classical Hindustani vocal and instrumental), teacher training and Vedic sciences.

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