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With the highly anticipated and successful launch of the Esports title of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the Indian market, the exclusive Indian game launch party surprised everyone with the total number of views surpassing the 25 millions brand throughout the launch party across all platforms. The country’s eighteen prominent players, content creators and well-known personalities in the esports world created their exclusive squad and became part of this virtual launch party held on July 8-9, 2021.

By accumulating the numbers, 97 19 493 and 79 14 400 views took place on day 1 and day 2 in Hindi and English respectively on BGMI’s official YouTube channel, engagement throughout the launch party proved the game’s potential as well as it was to height of the hype created throughout the esports and gaming community.

Some of the country’s top content creators were featured at the BGMI Kickoff Party Tournament, led by 18 squad captains—Dynamo, Kronten, Mortal, Ghatak, Shreeman Legend, Maxtern, Gaming Guru, Classified YT, Antaryami, Alpha Clasher, K18, Snax, Sangwan, Godnixon, Ronak, Jonathan, Bandookbaaz and Clash Universe. This ultimate showdown showcased the in-game skills of India’s top Hindi players and spellcasters. Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal and Ocean Sharma with their host Varun Thakur and English casters Icybaby12, Experience, FYXS with their host Super jonny was thrilled to see their favorite streamers return to action after a hiatus of several months. The launch party tournament was streamed live on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Facebook and YouTube channels in Hindi and English.

The tournament, which boasted a huge INR 6,000,000 prize pool, saw Snax team emerging as the winners and getting a cash prize of INR 3 30,000 while Kronten team and Ronak Team won 1,50,000 INR and 1,00,000 INR with their second and third places respectively.

Abhishek Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Trinity Gaming, which manages most of this talent, said: “This launch has been a huge milestone in the esports space as it has given players a new arcade to explore and compete. We are very proud to be associated with Krafton as an official talent and development partner. ” launching the very first Battlegrounds Mobile India launch party in the country and the event received over 25 million views by combining the official platforms YouTube, BGMI’s Facebook and the streaming channel the content creators invited to this Launch Party We have seen some of the best content creators and players compete and display their skills with their exclusive teams.

“The event was good enough because it sparked the competition in a cold way to begin with, honestly it’s one of the best starts for a game that all comes down to emotions and influencer understanding. and the public “ Ocean Sharma said after the launch party concluded.

With the fierce level of competition in the tournament and the number of fans supporting the launch party, it’s safe to say that the game does indeed have a very bright future in India and has the potential to become the game of choice. from the country.

It was a mad race for our team at the very first BGMI launch party, we are very happy to be the winners of the inaugural tournament where we outclassed many top teams from all over India. It will be a memorable tournament for us as we manage to get four in-game chicken dinners. Thanks to Krafton and the entire production team for successfully wrapping up this very first launch party. We look forward to the next BGMI tournaments and our team is fully prepared for it. Last but not least, a big thank you to the viewers for giving us an overwhelming response throughout this launch party ” Snax said after winning the top prize with his team.

“The BGMI launch party was a great success with the Esports community joining the wave of the virtual gaming industry. The main attraction of the launch event was the BGMI tournament and the excitement was at its height, I have to say. Surely we didn’t want to lose this opportunity and my team rose to the challenge securing second place with awesome cash prizes to celebrate. We look forward to BGMI’s esports roadmap where teams from all over India will be able to showcase their talent, skills and strategies. A whole new era of gaming has just begun ”, Kronten said after finishing second in the tournament.

Battlegrounds Mobile India received an overwhelming response a week after its release; the game has exceeded 34 million registered users. The game also recorded the highest of 16 million daily active users and 2.4 million peak concurrent users and this seems to be just the start of the long-awaited game’s rise in popularity.

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