Communist China wants chaotic Marxist America, says former Louisiana press secretary


John Zmirak, editor of The Stream, author of several books and former press secretary to Louisiana Governor Mike Foster, discussed the Marxist connection to China’s propaganda efforts to destabilize the United States at home.

Zmirak claims in an interview with The Eric Metaxas Show podcast that, just as China was in chaos in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when it was colonized by Germany, France and England, the Communist regime anticipates that the Anglo-dominated countries will be in the same “chaotic, internally divided” state.

“If they can’t take it back completely, transparently, they want to divide it. They want to turn blacks against whites, Christians against Jews, religious against non-religious. They want the country to be divided. and weak. That’s what China wants, “he claimed. “China doesn’t want a strong disciplinary Marxist America. It wants a chaotic America where the police and blacks fight it in the streets, and the proud boys fight with the Antifa. They want us in chaos.”

After that, he referred to the incidents in what he called the Democrat-ruled “Blue Cities” where poverty is endemic due to a lack of economic opportunities, riots, demand for the police. either funded or not intervening at all, abortion rates perpetuated by Planned Parenthood as an American version of Marxism.

This realization, according to host Eric Metaxas, was “sobering,” and he encouraged listeners to “wake up and understand” what they could do.

Turning to the question of Southern Baptists arguing over whether critical race theory would take control of Baptist seminaries, Zmirak urged worshipers not to donate money to their churches until they have obtained an answer as to whether Marxist ideologies infiltrated their Bible schools.

“Make sure you don’t put money in the collection plate or send them a check until you know the answers to this problem,” he said.

Chinese Communist Party propaganda

On the subject of destabilizing Western powers, it is also worth mentioning that, according to a recent Breitbart report, the Chinese state propaganda newspaper Global Times on Tuesday published an op-ed titled “Brutality Against Indigenous Peoples Rooted in the Anglo-Saxon DNA. “

The pro-CCP opinion piece was meant to appeal to the West’s alleged hypocrisy and double standards in terms of genocide records. But according to the Breitbart report, the Chinese Global Times and other regime-controlled newspapers frequently publish articles like this to argue that free Western nations are unable to condemn the extermination of the Uyghur people due to atrocities committed against the natives. Americans hundreds of years ago.

Further, the report says the Global Times broadened the scope of this accusation to include all “Anglo-Saxons”, not just the governments of the United States and Canada.

The US-based media outlet also noted that the Chinese Communist Party allegedly asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to open an investigation into crimes against First Nations peoples in Canada, which was later backed. by the article published in the Global Times.

Unlike previous investigations into the Uyghur genocide, which are being conducted by the United States, Canada has taken the lead in the case before the Human Rights Council. As for the alleged abuse, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is said to have issued a personal apology to Indigenous peoples in Canada after numerous accusations of mistreatment were reported. He pledged to use “public resources” to investigate the full extent of the atrocities inflicted on indigenous peoples with the aim of integrating them into European civilization.

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