Polestar offers to exchange its vintage cars for valuable art


Dezeen promotion: Swedish automaker Polestar has launched an initiative that allows art collectors to directly exchange works of art for the company’s Polestar 1 performance hybrid car.

Production of the Polestar 1 vehicle is expected to cease at the end of 2021, after which its manufacturer expects the car to become a collector’s item.

To celebrate the vehicle and its heritage, Polestar will allow buyers to trade in works of art that match the value of the car, for a limited time.

“The handcrafted Polestar 1 is limited to 1,500 cars and, with production coming to an end soon, it will surely become an instant collector’s item,” said Nils Rylén, Global Marketing Communications Manager at Polestar. .

“Classic cars are gradually becoming better investments and the market for vintage cars is strengthening.”

Swedish automaker Polestar’s Polestar 1 car can be purchased by exchanging art for a limited time this year

The Polestar 1 has a lightweight body and is made from a carbon fiber reinforced polymer. It is equipped with a double rear electric motor and high performance components.

“It’s handmade, precious and tangible – a bit like a work of art,” added CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

“The uncompromising design of the Polestar 1 offers graceful lines, a sculpted exterior surface, combined with advanced technology underneath,” the brand said.

“Every part and every detail is there for a reason – much like Mark Rothko’s ‘multifaceted’ style. Fluidity, depth and strength are represented in both. They also encompass complex layers and intensity of layering. “

The initiative will see potential buyers submit their works for review and evaluation by artistic advisor Theodor Dalenson, who will assess whether they match the value of a Polestar 1: € 155,000 (around £ 133,000). If so, the buyer will be offered a direct exchange.

Polestar 1
Hand-built electric performance hybrid car set to become a collector’s item once production ceases in late 2021

The campaign aims to recognize the beauty and importance of works of art, moving away from regular monetary transactions.

“Historically, many important artistic transactions have taken place outside of what we today associate with the art market,” said Dalenson. “Several hundred years ago, art exchanges were mainly between artists and patrons.

“Painters like Picasso were known to trade sketches for restaurant meals. Polestar’s initiative is essentially a natural extension of the tradition of art used as a means of payment for precious goods.”

All art forms will be considered, including sculptures, photographs, paintings and installations. Once accepted by Dalenson, art will be appraised by one of the world’s largest art houses – Philips or Sotheby’s.

Polestar 1
Potential Polestar 1 buyers will have their artwork appraised by an expert to see if it matches the value of the car

After a period of ownership, Polestar intends to sell the art through dealers representing the artists and auction houses.

“Polestar is a digitally driven brand and we made a decision early on to move away from traditional physical outlets,” said Ingenlath. “We’re much more interested in exploring new ways of doing things.”

“I love the idea of ​​letting artists and collectors buy a Polestar 1 with art – it’s such a special car, and we wanted to find a unique way to celebrate it before production ends.”

Polestar 1
All forms of artwork will be considered for the exchange of the vehicle

The program runs from June 10 to August 15, 2021 in Europe and North America. Buyers can submit artwork for review on the Polestar website.

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