Classical Music App from Indian Developer Wins Apple’s Best Design Award



Every year at its annual developer conference —WWDC – Apple announces its design awards. After reviewing apps and games from around the world, 12 apps receive this award. This year at WWDC, a application developer from India won the design award.
NaadSadhna, an app for Hindustani classical music, was recognized in the new Innovation Award category for its cutting-edge experience and innovative use of Apple technologies.

Who is the developer behind the app?

The app was created by Sandeep Ranade, who is a software engineer and has worked with companies like Google, Microsoft among others. Ranade is also a classical singer, according to his website, and has been involved in music for a long time now.
Ranade attended her WWDC premiere in 2019 and says the Apple Design Awards “seemed like an Academy Award ceremony.” It’s a huge honor for me as a solo software engineer, ”said Ranade after winning the award.


What is the application for?

NaadSadhana is a studio-grade all-in-one music app that helps musicians of all genres and skills play and publish their music without borders. After first finding its melody as an app for practicing Indian classical singing, NaadSadhana has expanded to support seven different music genres. And with the help of artificial intelligence and Core ML, the app listens as a singer improvises a vocal line, provides instant feedback on note accuracy, and generates a backing track to match, all of it. in real time.
On its website, Ranade describes the app as follows: “Imagine an app that can play music like an expert, respond to your music intelligently, creatively and aesthetically, record and mix multiple tracks, and even guide your notes and your tempo. ”
NaadSadhana, according to Ranade, helps musicians do “magic by effectively using artificial intelligence, neuroscience, learning theory, digital signal processing and new research.”
Ranade says Apple hardware “will unlock richer, deeper, smarter, more creative analysis and decision-making.” Its app remains an iOS exclusive “because no other platform has a low latency audio stack or so many building blocks for complex audio processing, neural networks, analysis, etc.”


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