Learn to play the piano with a lifetime subscription to a premium app


What is the # 1 instrument in most American music schools? The answer may not surprise you: it is a classic, attractive and very versatile instrument that can produce a variety of sounds. As of 2019, “The piano / keyboard is the most requested instrument to be played by young musicians at least in the United States,” according to the Los Angeles Music Teachers website.

If you missed your chance to learn piano in school, don’t worry. There is a new way to learn to play and it makes the instrument more accessible than ever. Typically sold for $ 299, and usually offered by us at a 50% discount to $ 149.99, our Skoove Premium Piano Lessons Lifetime Membership will drop to just $ 113 for a limited time this Memorial Day weekend.

Learn the piano with an app

Skoove Premium is a piano learning app that teaches you to play the music you love through interactive lessons, songs, and artificial intelligence. Voted App Store Editor’s Choice, Skoove teaches users how to learn and practice notes, chords and techniques through intuitive responses.

The AI-powered program shows you how to play your favorite songs while listening and adapting to your style. It offers individualized feedback and tailors future sessions to your skills. With 400 piano lessons and thousands of instructional videos, Skoove provides the opportunity for every player to improve. It is suitable for everyone, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Presented by Apple, Forbes, The Guardian, wired and many other publications, Skoove is already loved by over a million users. They discover, rediscover and explore their talents thanks to his intuitive feedback and advice. The lifetime subscription will allow you to connect, play and immerse yourself in music for years to come.

One of these enthusiastic users detailed a learning experience with the software in a review of The Guardian as they learned to play classical music with the help of Skoove. “Eventually the notes, clefs and names fall into place – I even play four oddly simple Bach measures on sight! With both hands! Success! ”They said.

Save on Skoove Premium

Whether you’re looking to be the next Bach or prefer to channel John Legend, Skoove Premium is the AI-powered piano teacher that will make you a true keyboard legend in your own right. Invest in a lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium while it’s on sale for Memorial Day weekend for just $ 113.

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