Art Star program officially launched to reinforce CG’s dreams


Under such circumstances, the program team decided to launch the Art Star program with partners from various global CG circles to help those who want to achieve their CG dreams. Through this program, the program team hopes to contribute to the development of the global CG industry with all partners.

It is initiated by the Art Star program team, CIOFF, ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters, XP-PEN, Adobe Authorized Training Center China region, ArtStaion, UGEE, UDM PAINT, Chinese division of ACA 2021 World Championship, WingFox,, Moho Pro, Kumoricon and IADGE.

Who can applyly

This program aims to support CG enthusiasts, CG professional content creators and CG studios. As long as applicants have CG dreams, no matter where or who they are, they have the chance to achieve their goals and participate in this activity.

What are they going to get

If the applicants get the support qualification, they can get the corresponding financial support depending on the actual situation.

Program partners will provide applicants with pen displays or pen tablets to enhance their skills and abilities.

Art Star and its partners will help amplify artists’ art and social media accounts.

Applicants may receive the training resources of the Art Star Program course if they pass the assessment.

If applicants pass the assessment, they can obtain the corresponding CG software media provided by program partners.

Schedule of the program

April 16 – September 15, 2021: Period of application;
September 16 – end October 2021: Evaluation period;
Early November 2021: The distribution of support resources.

Welcome to the program home page to find out more

SOURCE Art Star program team

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