Spirit, emotion and scores: the story of Cambridge musical artist Louise Harris


Louise harrisLouise harris

Content Note: This article contains brief references to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Going out with me is like a Cambridge term, by the

Fifth week you’re completely exhausted

Emotionally destroyed and suicidal.

These lyrics are from a recent hit Dating with me is like a Cambridge term – an acoustic pop single with energetic staccato piano and comedic backing vocals. The song’s reference to Cambridge tenure cycles, its grim reference to toxic relationships, and its unconventional and intentionally sarcastic self-ridicule were potential reasons that led to the success garnering over 200,000 views on TikTok over a period of two. weeks.

The songwriter, instrumental artist and singer behind this piece is none other than Hertfordshire-High, Louise Harris, Cambridge alumnus. Since graduating from Fitzwilliam Psychology in 2019, Louise has only had eyes for music.

For Louise, Cambridge definitely played a role in her music career. She first started writing songs during her sophomore year – when she began to believe that music could be her career. She played at Cambridge May Balls which was her first performance experience outside of local pubs in Hertfordshire. Of all the experiences, an audition at the St John’s May Ball was particularly inspiring for Louise herself, as her performance as Valerie by Amy Winehouse and the positive response she received was a further boost to her decision to officially go into music. Louise further asserts that the path to music is one that she will never regret and never regret. “Every career has its own challenges and difficulties, but it’s about what sets you on fire, what makes you feel alive.”

Louise’s background as a psychologist also played a special role in her writing. In the previously mentioned hit Dating with me is like a Cambridge term, the witty lyrics were created in a certain thoughtful twilight at five in the morning, as she reflected on her past with men. From the implications of male chauvinism (“ too many arrogant thugs who say I’m supposed to be their wife ”) to emotionally draining relationships (“ emotionally destroyed and suicidal ”), Louise ultimately presents her song with the art of l ‘self-mockery (‘ all the boys, they’re trying to date me; they don’t know I’m crazy ‘) – mostly with inferences from what was said to her in a past toxic relationship. However, the song’s acoustic, catchy and seemingly light piano beats, along with the humorous references to the relatable Cambridge experiences (especially the depressing blues of week five), is a manifestation of how Louise manages to laugh in the face. ‘a disturbing experience and to make a’ final comeback ‘.

Louise’s single “Dating me is like a Cambridge Term”. Louise harris

Dating with me is like a Cambridge term is also accompanied by a clip, which Louise describes with passion: “given the title of the song, there was no other place where I could really film it!” But I also almost wanted to pay tribute to my time in Cambridge, because it was the best 3 years of my life. In the clip, I visit my college, Fitzwilliam, the house I lived in for second year, the ADC Theater, the River Cam, King’s Parade, and the University Library. It was so nice to see all these places again, which have a lot of good memories for me. I also do a lot of internal jokes and hidden references that Cambridge students can, I hope, relate to!

Louise suggests the concept of the shoot is simple: ‘I walk, sing, dance and sprint around Cambridge – I even throw oranges at one point – because it feels so free to just be me and not care about what is around me. it seems to me. And that’s the whole spirit of everything I do, in music and in life. I am myself with no excuses and always try to let go of things that are irrelevant. I hope people feel as free and happy listening to this song as I did when I filmed the video.

“A common thread in my writing is that it is emotionally motivated, so there are more possibilities for people to relate to. I’m not talking about specific events, just general emotional states and experiences that everyone relates to. “

Apart Dating with me is like a Cambridge term, Louise worked with DJ star ØZKAR from the Netherlands to produce the single EDM Do it right. His musical style is broad, ranging from “ emotional ballads and upbeat pop bangers to dance collaborations ” and it fits his passionate spirit well. “ I guess I want listeners to relate to the music, feel something and connect to something in their own lives, ” Louise explained with the hope that her lyrics, whatever story it was ‘they tell, connect with people in one way or another. “I just want people to almost make it their own, I hope they just enjoy it… whether it puts them in a good mood, or helps them work on something… all of this is good news for me” .

“ A common thread in my writing is that it is emotionally driven, so there are more possibilities for people to relate to. I’m not talking about specific events, just general emotional states and experiences that everyone relates to. Ultimately Louise’s goal is simple: to make people feel ‘less alone’, and not just ‘being themselves’, but ‘without excuse themselves’ without any shame or fear. .

For now, Louise is strategically building a career as an artist – releasing singles every two to three months. Her musical drive is heavily inspired by artists such as Matt Maltese and Imagine Dragons while her artistic vibes are often compared to those of British singer Lily Allen. Louise has already garnered positive reviews from famous names in UK industry such as Kat Bawden (PR for Tones and I), John Earls (NME reporter) and most recently BBC Radio 6 Introducing’s Tom Robinson, who on his mixtape compared Louise’s song Dating with me is like a Cambridge term to the revenge songs of Bob Dylan and Lily Allen. Many expect to see a lot more from Louise Harris.

For more information on Louise Harris’ musical profile, please visit her Linktr.ee page.

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