Slowly kill him with words?


Some of them couldn’t sell and they were in violation and had to make up, Jain said.

Finally, there are additional staff conditions that the ministry has added. The managing director and the majority of the board members of a foreign-invested digital news entity must be Indian citizens. Any foreign national likely to be appointed employee or consultant for more than 60 days must have a security clearance. If refused, the foreign national’s services should be terminated.

This will deter foreign investors from investing in this sector, Pandey said.

A combined reading of all the clarifications made one BloombergQuint lawyer “shiver”, while another hummed the Charles Fox composition “scratching my pain with his fingers … killing me softly with his song” when asked. their immediate reaction. Both requested anonymity.

Note: The digital entities named in this story are for illustration purposes only and are cited only to help readers understand the genre, platform referred to. BloombergQuint is still in the process of contacting individual entities to determine the legal implications for each. To be clear, the policy also applies to BloombergQuint and its parent entities.

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