Manassas coronavirus program helps residents pay rent and utilities


MANASSAS, VA – The City of Manassas has established a COVID-19 Emergency Housing and Utilities Financial Assistance Program to provide housing and utility assistance to residents of Manassas experiencing financial hardship and loss of income as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis.

“Have you fallen behind on rent / mortgage or utility payments? The Manassas City Social Services Department may be able to help,” Manassas City said in a statement on Friday. Press.

The Department of Social Services, which oversees the program, prioritizes helping families and individuals who have lost their primary income, have increased financial burdens and may demonstrate the greatest need due to the coronavirus crisis. The city provides assistance with the payment of rent and mortgage as well as utilities for electricity, water and natural gas.

Manassas will make payments directly to homeowners or mortgage companies for properties located within city limits. Assistance will be approved for one request per household. Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

The goal of the program is to process and fund accepted applications within seven days, the city said. Residents who need assistance completing the application and gathering the documents requested by the city can call 703-361-8277.

  • Must be resident and living in Manassas City.
  • Households requesting rental assistance must be up to date with their rent by March 1.
  • Households requesting assistance from utilities must be up to date on their utilities as of March 1.
  • Utilities must be on behalf of the applicant for utility assistance.
  • Households must meet the income criteria.
  • Households must demonstrate that they can keep their housing immediately.
  • Households must provide documents demonstrating the loss of income or the financial impact of COVID-19.
  • Households must have a current and valid lease or mortgage contract in the name of the applicant. All owners / lenders must be able to provide a W-9 to the city of Manassas.


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