Former senior collaborator Jason Miller says Trump is happy after leaving the White House and happy not to be on Twitter


Jason Miller, Donald Trump’s former campaign strategist, said in an interview with the Times of London that the ex-president “feels happier” than at the White House and that he is happy to no longer be on social networks.

After leaving office, Miller’s image of Trump’s mood is contradicted by other reports from the president’s post-presidential home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

A source close to the president told the Daily Beast last week that the former president was so frustrated at being banned from Twitter. that he writes insults and tweets and tries to get help to send them.

Still, Miller insisted that Trump is the most relaxed he’s seen him.

President Donald Trump and United States First Lady Melania Trump disembark from Air Force One upon arrival at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida on January 20, 2021. ALEX EDELMAN / AFP via Getty Images

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“It was the first time in years that I had seen the president really relaxed,” he told The Times. “Only 45 other people in US history have experienced what it’s like to have the world on their shoulders … and to be able to breathe out, knowing that it’s not all for you for the first time. times in four years. “

Miller worked with Trump as a communications advisor during his successful 2016 presidential campaign and took on a senior strategist role in Trump’s unsuccessful re-election campaign last year.

In the interview, Miller also addressed Trump’s second impeachment trial to convict the president for inciting insurgency by goading supporters to attack the Capitol on January 6.

“There is no real-world scenario in which he is going to be sentenced, so the pressure is completely off,” Miller said upon the release of the impeachment trial.

Miller said he believed his former boss “would like” to run for president again in 2024.

He warned Republicans that if they vote to condemn Trump, he could make plans to create a third party and tear up the GOP.

“There has been no active planning for a third party and it will stay that way,” Miller said. “The only way it could get more serious would be for Republican senators to vote to condemn President Trump.

“I don’t think Republican senators want to tear the party apart, so let’s go ahead and reject this second impeachment witch hunt.”

Republican lawmakers are would have feared that if they oppose Trump, he could turn his supporters against them and support the main challengers to oust them from office.

Unlike other former presidents, who keep a relatively low profile after leaving office, Trump has spoken out in congratulating GOP allies as he seeks to maintain his grip on the party and tone down the prospects for a conviction for impeachment.

Among them is Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, for whom Trump has expressed support as she comes under pressure for past comments supporting bizarre right-wing conspiracy theories and violence against Democrats.

He is also said to be determined to take revenge on Republicans who turned on him, including Representative Liz Cheney, the 3rd most powerful Republican in Congress, one of 10 Republicans. who voted to impeach Trump in the January 13 House of Representatives vote.

Miller said Trump remains the most powerful force in Republican politics.

“It’s not even close. He was the one who put the party back together and brought in new people,” Miller said.

“The Republican Party now shares its ideals of commerce, foreign policy, and being an inclusive party that has received record support from African Americans and Latinos.”

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